TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 205 - 'Chupacabra'


The Walking Dead Episode 205


Written By: David Leslie Johnson

Directed By: Guy Ferland

Original Airdate: 13 November 2011

In This Episode...

Another day, another day to search for Sophia. Rick and Shane head out together and at first, their conversation is light, talking about the action they got in high school. Then it turns heavy when Shane tells Rick he thinks that the search for Sophia is the wrong plan. It is unlikely that she is alive, it is spreading the group too thin and frankly, Sophia is becoming a liability.

Daryl does his search on horseback. He finds Sophia's doll in a stream, and tucks it into his belt for safekeeping. A snake spooks his horse, throws him and runs, while Daryl takes a nasty tumble down a steep embankment into the river. When he lands, he finds he has been impaled by his arrow. Luckily it is just in his side, so he ties it up as best he can and makes his way up the embankment. He is almost at the top when his strength fails and down he goes. This time he is knocked out, and wakes to find Merle giving him a boot camp "pep talk." When the haze of unconsciousness breaks, he discovers that is not Merle kicking his feet - but a zombie, trying to chomp on them. Daryl kills him and after a quick lunch of raw, freshly-killed squirrel, makes another attempt at the embankment. This time he makes it. Broken, battered, bruised and bleeding, he makes his way back to camp.

At camp, Hershel is getting pissy with his visitors. Daryl took his horse without asking. Then Rick took Otis's son (and Hershel's ward) Jimmy out hunting, which he expressly forbade Jimmy from doing. Andrea, watching guard, spots a zombie on the horizon. The boys tell her not to shoot, saying that Hershel wants to be in charge of killing zombies. Andrea calms down for a moment and the guys run out to kill the zombie quietly with knives. Of course, it is not a zombie by Daryl. Andrea, tired of being pushed around and eager to put her new shooting skills to the test, takes aim and fires. Luckily the bullet only grazed Daryl's head, but Andrea feels guilty. Hershel fixes him up - he will be fine.

Glenn is trying to figure out Maggie. She is mean to him, she has sex with him, then she is indifferent to him. These kindergarten games culminate in her passing him a note at dinner: "Tonight where?" He responds, but her dad is eyeballing her so she doesn't read the note until after dinner: "Ever done it in a hay bale?" Maggie is horrified. Glenn is already out at the barn, trying to get in - it is sealed up tight. He finally climbs up and enters the loft - and sees why it was locked up tight. Dozens of zombies are being kept prisoner in the barn.

Dig It or Bury It?

After a couple of weeks of average-at-best episodes, this one was fully enjoyable. The characters didn't feel "stuck" this week. They weren't whiney and we didn't hover on any one storyline too long. We also got a lot more Daryl this week, and Daryl is really a character I have grown to adore. I always found him to be a good character, but now he is getting some meaty story points. Plus, having Michael Rooker back - even as a hallucination - is always a delight.

I am intrigued by the zombie farm Hershel has in his barn. It was pretty obvious (and no, I haven't read the comics) but it also reminds me of the harnessed kids that were being kept in the barn in Falling Skies. Now, my question is: why?

Kill of the Week

Daryl wakes from his hallucination to find a zombie trying to gnaw at his feet. He bludgeons it with a tree branch - but that is not kill of the week. A second zombie ambles towards him, and the only arrow he has left is in him. So Daryl pulls the arrow from his torso, loads it up, and shoots the zombie in the head. It falls forward onto the arrow, knocking it right through the other side of the skull. I'm not sure how accurate those physics are, but I don't care.

Wisdom of the Walking Dead

Dale had a couple winners tonight: "If I had known the world was ending, I would have brought better books." After Andrea shoots Daryl, Dale sits next to her. It could have been a real I-told-you-so moment, but instead he says: "Don't be too hard on yourself; we've all wanted to shoot Daryl."


"Secrets are told and secrets are revealed." So Lori announces she is knocked up, and Hershel reveals he is a secret zombie farmer?