TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 209 - 'Triggerfinger'


The Walking Dead Episode 209


Written By: David Leslie Johnson

Directed By: Billy Gierhart

Original Airdate: 19 February 2012

In This Episode...

Rick, Hershel, and Glenn decide to move out from the bar and return to the farm. Before they can, voices outside make them take cover. Dave and Tony's friends are looking for them. Rick tells them that Dave and Tony are dead - they drew first. The townies open fire and a standoff ensues. Rick sends Glenn out back to get the car, with Hershel covering him. One of the townies is back there. He shoots, Glenn hides behind a dumpster, and Hershel returns fire. The dude drops, hit but not dead. Another townie drives up to grab his third buddy, shooting off the roof. Walkers are coming, and he wants his buddy to jump into the truck bed so they can get out of there. Roof dude, Randall, jumps off the roof - and misses the truck. Randal has impaled his leg on a spiked fence, and his buddy takes off without him. His screams draw Rick, Hershel and Glenn. Hershel suggests putting him out of his misery; Glenn suggests amputation. Hershel begins prepping, but the walkers are coming fast and they are out of time. Glenn gets the car, Rick rips Randall off his spike, and the four of them take off.

As the group sits down to dinner at the farm, they notice that Lori is missing. Shane heads out to find her. Lori wakes in the car with a couple walkers trying to eat her sweet, sweet brains. She saves herself, and Shane finds her walking the road. He lies and says that Rick is back at the farm, safe and sound so she will go back with him. Needless to say, when Lori finds out he lied, she is not happy. Shane was just trying to protect "you and the baby." The cat is out of the bag - and Carl is quite excited to be a big brother. Shane is still convinced that Lori's baby is his (it probably is) and that what they had was "real." Lori thinks he is delusional. Before the episode ends, she tells Rick about all this (finally, some honesty) and believes that Shane is dangerous. The seed is planted: Rick needs to kill Shane.

In the morning, Andrea and Shane are getting ready to go out to find Rick's group, when they drive back - with an extra dude in the back seat. Hershel takes Randall to the barn for surgery and Rick assures the group that Randall was blindfolded on the way here so that, when he is healed and they dump him on the side of the road with a canteen of water, he won't be able to find his way back.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode immediately gets bonus points for being a walker-rich episode. There was a lot of action, and most of the whining gave way to anger - and anger is a lot more interesting to watch than whining. Paranoia plays a big role this season, which is interesting. The shift has been subtle, but I have to assume it is because the longer Rick goes in this post-apocalyptic world, the more scared and hopeless he becomes. And hungry. I always get grumpy when I haven't eaten, and I've got to imagine the nutrition options are getting pretty sparse. There is only so much you can do with zombies - they are single-minded and are terrible conversationalists - so turning the living into the "new monsters" is the next logical step.

Zombie of the Week

The car chomper. This zombie sees Lori through a cracked windshield and knows he has to have her. He essentially chews through the windshield until he has a hole big enough to wiggle his head into. It's a tight squeeze, so as he maneuvers forward, his flesh catches on the jagged glass and pulls away from his jaws.

Kill of the Week

Lori has to act fast, so she kills car chomper with a screwdriver through the eye and into the brain.


Rick and Shane battle over what is to happen to Randall, and apparently, Rick goes missing. Again.