TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 305 - 'Say the Word'



The Walking Dead Episode 305
“Say the Word”
Written By: Angela Kang
Directed By: Greg Nicotero
Original Airdate: 11 November 2012

In This Episode...

At the prison, Rick is in shock. Rather than hug his son or hold his new baby (it’s a girl) he grabs an axe and heads into the prison to kill anything he can find. Hershel gives the baby a once-over - it seems healthy - and gives it over to Carl. Maggie and Daryl go on a supply trip to find baby food. Glenn digs graves for their fallen friends, then watches the perimeter with Axel and Oscar. Hershel and Beth take care of Carl and the baby. (The baby doesn’t get a name tonight. The group leaves the naming rights to Carl since Rick is MIA. Carl’s only ideas are Sophia, Carol, Andrea, Amy... Lori. Names of women who they have lost.) When they return, Daryl feeds the baby and it turns out he is great with kids.

The Governor is having a party in Woodbury. While he is entertaining, Michonne sneaks into his house and takes back her sword. She hears something behind a locked door and tries to open it but the Governor, Merle, and Milton come in for more beer. Michonne escapes out the window and around the back of the building she discovers a holding pen with a half-dozen zombies in it. She jimmies the lock to let them out, then uses them as target practice. She slices them up with ease and it seems to be a good release for her - until someone carrying a bucket of zombie slurry comes out and tattles. The Governor gives Michonne a real talking-to. When rules are broken, punishments must be doled out, otherwise chaos will ensue. The Governor offers to Michonne that he will keep this quiet and she can stay in Woodbury if she joins Merle’s recon gang. She refuses. The Governor reaches out to Andrea to alert her to what is going on and gentle encourage her to encourage Michonne to stay. But Michonne wants out, and she leaves. Andrea stays in Woodbury because she doesn’t think she can last another eight months alone in the wilderness.

In order to cheer her up after Michonne’s departure, the Governor takes a special interest in Andrea, inviting her for a drink and a chat. Evening falls, and the festivities are underway. Andrea is the Governor’s “special guest” for the entertainment: Gladiator fights with zombies. A half-dozen or so zombies are chained up in a circle, with two humans in the center. The humans go into bare-fist boxing and not only have to keep an eye out for their opponent, but also for the zombies. With every round, the stakes are raised and the zombies’ chains are loosened a little bit, making the circle smaller.

Dig It or Bury It?

Good episode. Nothing major happened - not like last week - yet it was still engrossing. Carol hasn’t come back yet - I have to assume she is still alive somewhere, maybe hiding or lost. But the rest of the group doesn’t know that.

Kill o’ the Week

Rick’s rampage was fun. He finds the walker that ate Lori. It is bloated and sluggish from eating too much. Rick feeds it one more thing: his gun. He then picks up a knife and starts stabbing the bloated bastard in the gut. I thought that he was going to cut the zombie open to retrieve Lori’s wedding ring or something, but he just stabs it violently a few times then sits down and cries. It would have been better if he dug her ring out.

Zombie o’ the Week

This week’s disturbing zombie fact about the Governor: his daughter has become a zombie, and now he keeps her wrapped in a straight jacket with a sack over her head (“nap time”) in a locked room. In his spare time, he enjoys brushing her hair.


Andrea starts to see that maybe she should have listened to Michonne and she jumps the fence.