TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 307 - 'When the Dead Come Knocking'



The Walking Dead Episode 307
“When the Dead Come Knocking”
Written By: Frank Renzulli
Directed By: Dan Sackheim
Original Airdate: 25 November 2012

In This Episode...

Glenn and Maggie are being held prisoner in separate rooms in Woodbury. Merle interrogates Glenn, trying to get the location of Rick’s camp. Glenn won’t budge. Not when Merle holds a knife to his face; not when he head butts him; not when he punches him in the face. Merle brings in a walker on a leash and dangles him in front of Glenn, trying to scare him into talking (while giving him a taste of the terror he faced on that roof.) Glenn still won’t talk, so Merle locks the zombie in the room with Glenn - who is still bound to a chair. Glenn is only attached at the wrists, so he and the walker have a pretty awesome battle. Glenn wins. Meanwhile, the Governor tries his hand at interrogating Maggie. When she won’t speak freely, he has a different approach. He makes Maggie stand and commands her to remove her shirt and bra. He takes off his belt and approaches slowly, comes up behind her, sniffs her hair - and bends her over the table roughly. Maggie won’t give in. “Do whatever you’re going to do. And go to hell,” she snarls. The Governor remains behind her, considering - then steps away. Merle and another enforcer return to Glenn, surprised to see he defeated the zombie. Then the Governor brings in Maggie, still naked from the waist up. This time, they make their threats with guns. When the men turn their guns on Glenn, Maggie spills. Back behind closed doors, the Governor is troubled. The prison is in the “red zone,” and completely overrun. If Rick’s team took over the prison, they must have more than 10 people. The Governor is suspicious, and a little worried.

Andrea is still sleeping with the Governor. He has a special job for her - and not one that involves his penis. The Governor sends Andrea to the lab with Milton. There is an old, dying man named Michael Coleman in the lab. He is in bed, barely able to speak, and literally at death’s door. Milton has been working with Coleman, a little routine they have. Milton introduces himself, hits a note on a tuning bowl while a record plays, and asks him some basic questions, which Coleman answers in the affirmative with a simple hand raise. Milton believes that a remnant of the human memory survives within the zombie, but has not been able to test it. Coleman had prostate cancer, which is a certain death sentence in the new world order, so he gave his body to science. When Coleman dies, he will be restrained and Milton will try the test. Andrea is there as the enforcer, to kill Coleman should things get out of control. She thinks it is a ridiculous experiment because she has seen loved ones turn, but Milton will not be deterred. Sure enough, Coleman dies, they restrain him, and wait. When he “returns,” Milton continues with his routine. He thinks that a finger spasm is Coleman trying to lift his hand. Against Andrea’s repeated warnings, Milton undoes his restraints. Sure enough, Coleman lunges forward - and Andrea is right there with a knife through its skull.

Back at the prison, Rick is uncertain about letting Michonne in. But her camo stink is starting to wear off, and the walkers are descending. She takes out a few, but she is still bleeding out her bullet wound and soon collapses. Carl jumps to action and shoots a couple walkers that descend on her while Rick opens the gate. The boys take out a half-dozen zombies and drag Michonne into the prison. Rick is very untrusting, and won’t take her into the cell blocks. He promises they will fix her up and give her some supplies then send her on her way. Neither side trusts each other, but Michonne finally admits that she found them after “the Asian guy and the pretty girl” were abducted by the Woodbury crew. It wasn’t hard to find the prison. Hershel bandages her up, and she sees the warmth they share when Daryl reveals he found Carol, alive and safe, and the way they interact with the baby. Beth wants to trust that Michonne can lead them to Woodbury - it is her sister they captured, after all. Rick, Oscar, Daryl, and Michonne head out to storm Woodbury.

Dig It or Bury It?

The part that stands out most to me in this episode is the Governor’s abuse of Maggie. There has been plenty of human-on-human violence, but it was all done for a “reason.” Not necessarily a good reason, but a good enough reason for the characters: self defense, paranoia, protection. But the Governor terrorized Maggie for no other reason than he liked it. Maybe it is because I am a woman, but his cold, calculated threat of rape was the most chilling thing I have seen on The Walking Dead.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Before Rick leaves for Woodbury, he gives Carl the “you’re the man of the house” speech. Carl broaches the topic of naming the baby. “Daryl’s been calling her Asskicker.” Rick gives naming rights to Carl, who has decided to name his sister after his third grade teacher: Judith. I know the baby’s name is from the comic, but is there more to that story? Was Judith supremely influential to young Carl? Was this one of those creepy student/teacher statutory rape things? I know I’m much further removed from my third grade than Carl is, but I couldn’t tell you who my teacher was - I couldn’t even name one of my high school teachers.

Michonne refers to the Governor as a “Jim Jones-type,” which I love. That is the perfect description of him.

Kill o’ the Week

Goes to Glenn. He is bound at the wrists to the chair, so when he breaks it against the wall, there are still jagged splinters attached to his wrists. He uses one of these to stab it sideways through the zombie’s nasal cavity - right across the bridge of the nose. Not sure if there is much brain there, but it was still cool.


I foresee sadness: next week is the midseason finale.