TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 308 - ''Made to Suffer'



The Walking Dead Episode 308
“Made to Suffer”
Written By: Robert Kirkman
Directed By: Billy Gierhart
Original Airdate: 2 December 2012

In This Episode...

Michonne leads Rick, Daryl, and Oscar into Woodbury. Once inside, she wanders off - Michonne has her own crap to deal with. So let’s stick with Rick and his group first. They find Maggie and Glenn relatively easily. The pair had tried a daring escape, and while they killed one of their captors, they were caught and it looked like they were going to be executed. Rick throws some flash bombs which disorients the Woodbury mercenaries enough to grab Glenn and Maggie and run. Of course, they can’t just leave - the soldiers are on to them, and a full gunfight explodes on Main Street. Rick, Glenn, and Maggie make it out. Daryl stays behind to lay down cover fire for them. Oscar is killed.

Michonne sneaks into the Governor’s apartment, lays her sword across her lap, and sits and waits. While she is waiting, she hears a strange thumping noise coming from the closet. She opens it and discovers the Governor’s man cave. She is horrified by his zombie aquariums, but is distracted by that thumping noise. She discovers the Governor’s daughter chained up in the cubbyhole. The girl is quiet and has a sack over her head, so Michonne just thinks it is a child. She unhooks it before taking the hood off. When she see what is waiting underneath, she pulls out a sword, but is stopped by the Governor, who is aiming his gun at Michonne. When he realizes that Michonne has his daughter’s un-life in her hands, he puts down his weapons and begs her not to hurt his kid. She kills the zombie anyway, and the Governor goes mental. He attacks Michonne and the two fight. He throws her into his zombie aquariums, breaking several of them. Michonne is pinned down, unable to reach her sword, but she gets her hand on a big shard of glass and rams it into the Governor’s eye. Before she can land the killing blow, Andrea shows up, gun poised, shocked to discover her old friend about to kill her boyfriend. The two women eye each other silently for an eternity before Michonne quietly gathers her sword and leaves. Michonne rejoins Rick’s group, but he is instantly untrusting of her. Traumatized by what she has seen, she swears her allegiance. 

The Governor has lost his eye (but now he gets a wicked eyepatch!) and he is pissed. He speaks to his group in the town’s “event center,” about how they can’t let the terrorists win, and about how he let them down and how scared he is. He blames the attack on one of their own, and offers up Merle. The crowd has a bloodlust, and the Governor is happy to feed it when he brings out Daryl. This is the first time the two of them have laid eyes on each other; this is also the first Andrea is seeing of him.

A new group of survivors pops up tonight. Led by Tyreese and his second-in-command, Sasha, the group also includes Donna, her husband, and their teen son (I think.) Donna is bitten and the group sees a tower that looks safe - it is our prison. Carl hears some noises and goes to investigate. He finds Tyreese’s group getting their asses handed to them by a bunch of walkers (in the same boiler room where Carl killed his mother.) He surprises them by shooting a couple walkers and leading them back to their cell block. He wants to kill Donna, but Tyreese promises he will take care of their own. Following in his daddy’s footsteps, Carl locks them in a separate area with food and water and promises they will be safe. Sasha is pissed off, but Tyreese calms her down, reminding her that this is the safest they have been in weeks.

Dig It or Bury It?

Season three has been so consistently good, and tonight is no exception. The excellence of this season has made tonight’s episode less special, in the sense that it just feels like one of many. It was intense, and had a ton of awesome action, but there wasn’t anything that stood out - if only because it was on par with the rest of this season.

Kill o’ the Week

Michonne kills the Governor’s undead daughter, in front of him - by driving her sword from the back of the girl’s head, out her mouth. While not exactly a kill, the most gruesome scene of the night went to Glenn. While he and Maggie were still being held captive, Glenn goes to the walker that he killed, and rips its arm off its torso. He then stomps on the arm, twisting it and cracking it, then peels back the rotten flesh and black sinews to pull out a sharp chunk of bone. He gives it to Maggie for protection. And it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet!

Zombie o’ the Week

This award goes to the zombie head o’ the week. One of the zombie heads that tumbles out of the broken aquarium is still animated, writhing and chomping at the air pathetically, hoping something would find its way between its teeth.


This episode ends with the idea that Merle and Daryl are going to battle to the death, gladiator style. Well - spoiler alert! - scenes for the back half of the season show Daryl, so I guess he makes it out. But Carl has decided it is time for his dad to step down as leader. It’s turning into a warped Oedipal tale. See you in February!