TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 405 - 'Internment'


the walking deadThe Walking Dead Episode 405
Written By: Channing Powell
Directed By: David Boyd
Original Airdate: 10 November 2013

In This Episode...

Things are getting bad in the sick ward. One guy, Henry, needs a respiratory bag to breathe. Two have already died, and Hershel (who, amazingly, is not sick) is careful to roll them away from the sick ward to knife them so the others don’t see. Maggie desperately wants to come into the sick bay to help her father and care for Glenn, but Hershel doesn’t want to put her at risk, and Glenn doesn’t want her to see him in his state. Doctor Caleb is in bad shape and knows he doesn’t have much more time. He encourages Hershel to care for those who may actually survive this flu. Caleb also shows Hershel the shotgun and shells he sneaked in - just in case. A third patient dies, and when Hershel rolls the body out to the visitor’s area to double-tap, he sees Rick, who needs to tell him about Carol.

Hershel does not have time to mourn Carol. When he leaves Rick, he sees feet sticking out of a cell. Sasha has collapsed, so he sets about fixing her up and running an IV. In doing so, he misses one girl who has died and is minutes away from zombification. Sasha wakes, weak but clearly going to survive. Glenn, meanwhile, is caring for Henry when he realizes his charge no longer has a pulse. He tries to do chest compressions and calls Hershel for help, but he is too sick. Glenn collapses, choking on his own blood.

At this point, all hell breaks loose. The dead girl is now zombified and she attacks Hershel. One guy (human) who was watching over a “sleeping” friend comes out to help Hershel, but can’t bring himself to shoot the zombie. His friend decides to “wake up” (as a zombie, of course) and digs in on his friend. The friend goes down, shooting uncontrollably as he is eaten. He may have shot a live woman; not sure.

Maggie and Rick are outside trying to fortify the fences when they hear the shots. Rick insists Maggie go in to help; he can handle the fence. (Which, of course, means he can’t handle the fence, but we will come back to that in a minute.) Maggie is frustrated that she can’t unlock the door to the sick ward, and her axe is useless against the plexiglass and steel doors. Lizzie is trying to lure Henry down the hall like a puppy, but trips over her cowboy boots. Henry attacks, and Hershel rushes to her aid, throwing him over the railing, where he flails on a chain link canopy of some sort. Hershel secures Lizzie in a cell with a little boy, then rushes to Glenn, who is barely alive.  Maggie finally makes it into the sick ward, just in time to see her dad struggling with zombie Henry on the canopy. Glenn is in bad shape and Hershel needs the respiratory bag for him - but it is still attached to Henry. He insists Maggie not fire, for fear she will pop the bag, but Maggie clearly is more confident in her abilities than her father. She shoots, hits the zombie in the head, and misses the bag completely. They rush the bag to Glenn and cram it down his throat (yes, after it was in a zombie’s throat - I know it is the apocalypse and everything, but that is just too gross). Suddenly, everything is calm. All the zombies are dead, and Glenn is breathing now. Lizzie comes out of her cell. “Is it over?” “I hope so,” says Maggie.

Okay, back to Rick and the fences. He comes back from his road trip, without Carol, and is forced to tell Maggie about Carol. Maggie uneasily agrees that it was the right thing for him to do. The pair get working on the fence. The zombie mass has gotten bigger and bigger, meaning the weight being put on the fence is much heavier. They are trying to prop it up with wooden logs. When the pair hear shots, Maggie goes and Rick enlists Carl to help him. Carl is only too eager to be of use.

So the Grimes boys are working on the fence when they notice one of the logs splinter. Then another. And all of them. The guys run, barely outpacing the river of zombies now flowing into the catwalk between the two fences. They make it into the watchtower and out the other side, but the zombies are insistent. The guys manage to arm themselves (and Rick gives him a quick tutorial on the automatic weapons) and just start mowing down zombies as fast as they can. They are actually handling themselves pretty well, until one gets too close to Rick. He hits the zombie with his gun butt, and Carl finishes him off with a shot to the head before tossing his old man a clip and keep on shooting without missing a beat. I’m not sure if Rick is scared or impressed by his son’s prowess.

Rick and Carl end up with piles of bodies. They pick through them, stabbing anything that is still groaning. I am trying not to dwell on logic questions like, “Why didn’t they just kill all the loitering zombies in the first place?” Anyway, Daryl’s crew comes back, and they are a welcome sight. Tyreese rushes to check on Sasha, Bob delivers meds to Maggie, and Michonne starts loading up the zombie corpses onto a truck. Daryl stops Hershel to ask how Glenn is (“He made it through the night and is breathing on his own”) and how Carol is. He won’t say - just to talk to Rick. Rick, meanwhile, was on his way to talk to Daryl, but Carl caught up with Rick on the way to the farm and he decided that Daryl can wait.

From far outside the prison, at the edges of the forest, a filthy figure watches the survivors.

The Governor is back.

Dig It or Bury It?

A great episode. Started off a little slow, a little preachy, which I don’t care for. But about 20 minutes in - even before the zombie uprising, all the preachy “heart-warming” stuff just got dark. And then of course, the guts hit the fan. It wasn’t as crazy, super-actiony zombie attack scenes as we have seen but I think it was just more intense.

I am fascinated by Hershel’s level of commitment to his beliefs. Even if it puts his life at risk, he does his damnedest to make sure the kids don’t see him kill any familiar zombies. It seems illogical - they have seen it before, and they know what is going on, but Hershel sticks to his guns. Maybe if Lizzie were allowed to see what happens, instead of being sheltered, she wouldn’t think the zombies are like puppies, to be led everywhere. 

Kill o’ the Week

Hershel finally decides he needs a gun, so he goes for Caleb’s gun. Caleb has already died and turned. Going against seemingly everything Hershel stands against, he breaks Caleb’s brittle arm between the cell bars, then knifes him in the head.


The Governor is back! The Governor is back! I wonder if this time alone has mellowed him... or made him even crazier?!