TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 408 - 'Too Far Gone'


the walking deadThe Walking Dead Episode 408
“Too Far Gone”
Written By: Seth Hoffman
Directed By: Ernest Dickerson
Original Airdate: 1 December 2013

In This Episode...

The Governor speaks to his new crew, trying to talk them into storming the prison. He says it is for survival, that if they stay there they will die, that the prison is safe, and that the people who currently occupy the prison are no good. “We can do it without firing a shot,” he tells them, “but we must be willing to kill if necessary.” The Governor tells them that the prison camp mutilated him, burned his camp, and killed his daughter. He then reveals he has taken two prisoners (Michonne and Hershel) and that they are key to taking over the prison peacefully. For the most part, the Governor’s crew is willing to go along with him. Some hesitantly; others more exuberantly. Lily doesn’t like this at all and tries to talk the Governor into leaving the prison alone. He sweet talks her into submission and sets her and Megan up near the lake, since walkers can’t cross the water. They remain there, with Megan digging on the beach, Lily keeping a watchful eye. Megan digs something up: a flood warning sign. She is distracted by this, and doesn’t see the zombie reaching up out of the mud, clearly a flood victim. Lily races over, snatches Megan away and shoots the zombie, but it is too late - Megan has been bitten.

At the prison, the antibiotics have worked. Glenn and Sasha and the others are on the mend. Rick tells Daryl about Carol and he is pissed off - understandably - and almost dares Rick to tell Tyreese. They go together to find Tyreese, who is in the basement. He is excited to show them something, something that can’t wait. He has found a rat pinned down to a board, cut open, and dissected. Tyreese is convinced that whoever killed Karen is responsible for the rats. Before Rick can fill him in, a huge explosion sounds above ground. Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, and everyone else in the prison run to the courtyard to see what is going on.

The Governor and his new crew have rolled up outside the prison. Mitch is front and center with his tank, which is what caused the explosion. The Governor calls for Rick to come out. Rick tries to explain that he is not in charge, that there is a council; the Governor will only talk to Rick. Everyone is nervous, but Rick heads out to talk to him - through the fence. The Governor lays it out for Rick: they have until sundown to vacate the prison or they start killing. He thinks he is being generous by giving them a chance to go quietly. To prove he is serious, the Governor brings out his hostages, which only sets everyone on edge.  Rick is on the edge of panic. He has been living as a pacifist for awhile and he clearly fears slipping back into his old, rage-fueled ways. He tries to reason with the Governor; offers to share the prison - it’s so big, the two groups will never see each other. Rick refuses to give up the prison. The Governor takes out a sword and holds it to Hershel’s neck. Rick desperately reasons with him, convince him to let it go. He offers  sanctuary to anyone who wants to join the prison community. “We have all done the worst things imaginable to stay alive, but we can come back. We all can.” The Governor lowers his sword and Hershel smiles proudly at Rick. “Liar,” the Governor growls - and swings the blade into Hershel’s neck. 

At this point, all hell breaks loose. Rick shoots first, clipping the Governor in the shoulder. Both sides start firing, but the Governor’s team, with the benefit of a tank, roll forward and take down the fence. Michonne rolls behind a truck and uses the trailer hitch to cut her binds. Tara is horrified that the Governor actually cut off Hershel’s head (he didn’t get it on the first try, but once the gunfire erupts he makes it a point to saw Hershel’s head clean off) and does not want to fight. In the midst of all this, Lily emerges, Megan lying limply in her arms. The Governor meets her, takes Megan into his arms, and shoots the girl in the head. No emotion registers on his face, but he does order his army to kill everyone in the prison.

Prison-side, the front line continues to fire. Maggie insists Beth gather everyone into the bus (their evacuation plan) and be ready to drive. Rick has made the fight personal and he starts to pummel the Governor. Between the gunfire and the tank blasts, zombies are starting to straggle into the prison. Daryl is so consumed in his human attackers that he doesn’t notice his undead attacker until it is (almost) too late. Maggie evacuates Glenn to the bus, but discovers her sister isn’t there - she went to find Judith (who is with some of the other little kids) so Maggie runs off to find Beth. Bob is shot, but it is treatable; unfortunately the bus waited as long as it could and they are driving away. Sasha promises him they will figure it out. Keep in mind, this is all still during the gunfight.

The little kids have to help each other as they carry Judith in her baby seat to the bus. Lizzie is with them, but she wants to grab guns and help the adults, like Carol taught them. So when Tyreese is pinned down by Alicia, he is surprised when she slumps over, dead. Lizzie and Mika are behind her, both with guns raised. They saved him.  

Rick and the Governor’s fight has become especially brutal, and the Governor seems to be winning. A sword suddenly appears through the Governor’s chest. Michonne finally got her revenge and skewered the Governor. Rick’s first question is about Carl, and Michonne helps him up. The Governor is still alive - but in bad shape, choking on his own blood. Michonne opts to let him suffer.

Daryl is being an even bigger badass than normal, mowing down humans with a machine gun, knocking out walkers as he can. He blows up the tank, then as Mitch evacuates, shoots him dead with an arrow. Beth shows up and tells Daryl they have to go.

Rick is still searching for Carl, but all he can see are walkers. A couple of them drop, and Carl is there, shooting responsibly. Rick embraces him, then inquires about Judith. Carl doesn’t know, but they see her baby seat, empty and covered in blood. The Grimes boys are overwrought but Rick has to pull it together - they’ve got to go, and escape on foot. 

Lily stuck around for the fight, but didn’t participate - until it was nearly over. Very calmly, very deliberately, she walks up to the Governor, still writhing on the ground, and shoots him, point blank, in the head. 

And the prison belongs to the walkers now. 

Dig It or Bury It?

Well, that happened. I wish I could say that tonight’s deaths were shocking, but with this show, nothing is shocking. I am saddened by Hershel’s death - he was one of my favorite characters. Same goes for the Governor. He was such a great character. Good guy or bad guy, he was just great fun to watch. I am not 100% sure that baby Judith is dead. Sure we saw a bloody baby seat, but no baby or baby parts. If she was killed and zombified, would she crawl away? Chances are, that blood accumulated after someone took her.

That was an exhausting episode. It was a little slow getting there, but that was exactly the showdown I was hoping for. Of course, they are all morons. There are a lot of people dead, a lot of resources wasted, and now no one gets the prison. I understand the Governor’s motivations and why he doesn’t want to share the prison, but in general, I really find it upsetting that people become so filled with hate and anger in the face of the zombie apocalypse. No one has any interest in rebuilding the country. Well, no one after the Woodbury incident - but that would have worked had it not been run by a megalomaniac.

I also found the Governor’s response to Megan’s death very interesting. When push comes to shove, that fatherly part of him died with his biological daughter. he doesn’t shed a tear, doesn’t blink an eye when he puts down Megan, and that ultimately leads to one of the most brilliant scenes of the season: Lily shooting the Governor. It was just beautiful and fitting.

Zombie o’ the Week

Not sure if this is a zombie or a kill o’ the week, but the award goes to Daryl and his zombie. When he is attacked by a zombie during the firefight, he uses it as a shield so he can change positions safely.


February. We have to wait until February for the back half of the season.