TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 411 - 'Claimed'


The Walking Dead Episode 411
Written By: Nichole Beattie and Seth Hoffman
Directed By: Seith Mann
Original Airdate: 23 February 2014

In This Episode…

Michonne and Carl are bonding in a way they never did at the prison. She finally seems willing to let her guard down, and he is glad to have someone other than his father to talk to. They even laugh over soy milk at breakfast - until Carl mentions he’d rather drink Judith’s formula. Then he gets sad and clams up. (I forget that they don’t know that Judith is alive.) The two go on a supply run while Rick stays behind to rest. It is on the run that Michonne opens up about her pre-zombie life. Her son was named Andre Anthony, he was three years old, and Michonne didn’t lose him until after “this” happened. Carl seems to be relaxing a bit, so when Michonne finds the family that once lived in this house gathered in a child’s bedroom, mummified, a clear murder/suicide, she lies and tells him it is a dog in the room.

Back at the house, Rick has dozed off. When he wakes he hears a bunch of rednecks in the house. He hides under the bed while one dude checks the upstairs rooms. But then he decides to nap in the bed Rick was just laying in. Goldilocks is woken by his buddy, who wants to nap in that bed. (“The other beds are kids beds!”) The argument turns into an all-out fight, with the new brute strangling Goldilocks to the floor. Goldilocks sees Rick, but passes out before he can say anything. New Brute jumps into bed and falls asleep. Rick waits it out a while longer, but when the dudes downstairs find evidence that a woman was living there, and start to take dibs on the order in which they will gang rape her, Rick decides it is time to leave. The guy in bed is still asleep but another guy has come upstairs to check things out. Rick escapes into a bathroom and is greeted by one of the brutes. The men fight nearly silently, with Rick eventually choking him dead. He takes his gun and slips out the window, to the ground, and hides at the side of the porch. He can’t get up his nerve to shoot, even when a guy comes onto the porch to eat a can of fruit. He sees Michonne and Carl coming down the road and finally jumps into action. Luckily, the dude gets called back into the house, and Rick runs to meet Carl and Michonne and they leave quickly. They are walking, walking, following the train track, when they see the sign offering sanctuary. With no better ideas, they head towards it.

Tara and Glenn have hitched a ride with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. Glenn wakes in the truck and freaks out, demanding for them to stop. He is ignored until he breaks the window with the butt of his gun. The truck stops and Glenn bails, determined to go back and find the bus and, hopefully, Maggie. Tara is set to go with him, but Abraham stops him. He insists that the only way to survive is to find “like-minded comrades” and stick together. He explains to Glenn that Eugene is a doctor and had been in touch with sciencey people in Washington D.C. via satellite phone, but a couple weeks ago, they stopped responding. Abraham had taken it upon himself to take Eugene to D.C. He claims to know what started this zombie outbreak, but refuses to tell anyone because it is “classified.” Abraham also tells him that there is pretty much no chance of finding his wife alive. Glenn has no interest in helping them, punches Abraham, and turns to leave. Abraham is understandably pissed, and the men begin to fight. While the ladies yell at them to stop, Eugene sees zombies come out of the eyeball-high cornfield they just happened to stop next to. He makes a half-assed attempt to warn the others, and instead pulls out a gun he can’t handle. He does his best to mow down the zombies, but he really is a terrible shot. The gunfire alerts the others and they jump into action, killing the zombies. Unfortunately, Eugene’s horrible shooting was able to strike on thing: the truck. And now it is leaking every fluid in the book. Glenn, once again, heads off to find Maggie, and this time, no one stops him. Tara follows him, with Rosita not far behind. Eugene decides to go because of the “safety in numbers” theme, so Abraham is forced to join as well.

Dig It or Bury It?

I find it infinitely sad that the world is literally coming to an end, and it brings out the worst in people. I am sure I have pondered this over and over again with The Walking Dead, but it got me thinking about it again when that dude nearly killed a guy over a bed. I just don’t understand that kind of reaction. I appreciated Abraham’s instinct of “we have to stick together to live.” Even if he doesn’t want to be with these people, he understands it is not in his best interest to kill them over a bed. I still don’t trust him though. I trust Eugene even less. Considering the state of the world right now, what is the point of keeping something “classified?” That seems like manipulative bullshit.


Beth and Daryl still struggle to find someplace safe to stay.