TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 412 - 'Still'


The Walking Dead Episode 412
Written By: Angela Kang
Directed By: Julius Ramsay
Original Airdate: 2 March 2014

In This Episode…

We follow Daryl and Beth this week. As the episode opens, the sun is going down and they have a horde of zombies on their ass. They hunker down in the trunk of a car, weapons at the ready in case the zombies break in. But morning comes and the horde moves on. Beth and Daryl take some scraps from the car and set up camp in the woods. It is very rustic: hubcaps create a sort of alarm system; glass and a mirror allow Beth to use sunlight to start a bonfire; Daryl kills and roasts a rattlesnake for dinner. Beth hates this “sucky camp” and decides that she wants alcohol. She’s never had any, but she could really use a drink. Daryl says nothing, and watches her march out of camp. She expects him to follow her, and is annoyed when he doesn’t. A few zombies head her way, and she distracts them by tossing a pebble for them to chase. She is startled when she turns to see Daryl there. He leads her back to camp, which pisses off Beth. She tells him off and stomps away to find alcohol. Daryl sighs and follows her.

They come to a country club and head inside - rich people drink a lot, right? Inside they find a horror show of a whole new kind. At one point it had clearly been camp to a number of people. Now all that is left are a few zombies hanging from nooses from the ceiling (clearly to camouflage the smell of the living) and dozens of corpses. Not dead zombies - humans who died and never came back for whatever reason. These corpses suggest (at least to me) that something horrible happened here. Even worse is what they find in the pro shop: the top half of a female corpse, set atop mannequin legs. Her blouse is torn open and a sign that reads “Rich Bitch” is pinned to her chest.

They have a few rogue zombies to kill, but Beth finally makes it to the bar. Of course, everything is gone. Except, of course, peach schnapps. Even when the world is ending, no one wants to drink peach schnapps. Daryl, still annoyed with this whole endeavor, plays darts while Beth tries to find a clean-ish glass. She can’t, so she plans to drink straight from the bottle. Something stops her, the fear of disrespecting her father. Daryl marches over and smashes the bottle to the ground. He will not let peach schnapps be Beth’s first drink.

The two head to a survivalist cabin in the woods, someplace that Daryl and Michonne found during one of their expeditions. The shed outside is loaded with moonshine, and they bring it into the cabin to drink. Well, only Beth drinks; Daryl needs to keep watch. He sets about fortifying the cabin for at least the night, mumbling about how this is just like his dad’s house. Things seem pretty quiet, so he finally sits (in a junk recliner just like his dad had) and drinks. Beth insists on playing the “I Never” drinking game. She never shot a crossbow or got drunk and did something she regrets; Daryl has never been outside of Georgia and never taken a vacation. Beth has never been to jail (well, arrested) and Daryl claims he never has either - an obvious lie. This ends the game and he stomps to the corner to take a piss. He is angry and starts screaming about all the things he never had: frozen yogurt, a pony, presents from Santa, and never cut his wrists for attention. All the shouting (which is possibly the most emotion we have ever seen out of Daryl) lures the zombies, and he grabs Beth, dragging her outside to fight. He roughly stands behind her, trying to force her to use the crossbow. One arrow nails the zombie to a post, but he would rather shoot for fun than shoot to kill. Beth breaks away and stabs the zombie - then turns her anger onto Daryl. “Stop being a jackass!” she yells. Then, “You look at me like I’m a dead girl.” She is feeling insecure, like she is being compared to Michonne or Carol or Maggie. “Don’t treat me like crap because you are afraid.” Daryl insists that he’s not afraid, that everyone they know is dead - even if they aren’t, they’ll never see them again. The emotions crest, and Daryl breaks down. He feels guilty that the Governor arrived at their front gates, that he should have kept searching for him. He breaks down into tears, and Beth holds him.

Night falls, and the two sit on the porch, drinking and talking. Beth is a happy drunk; Daryl is a dickish drunk. He tells a tale of hanging out with Merle and a tweaker, watching cartoons. The tweaker had a kid he never saw, and the cartoon (sounds like they were watch Scooby-Doo) was his kid’s favorite. Merle says something, the tweaker punches him, Daryl starts wailing on the tweaker, guns come out, yelling ensues, and Daryl thought he was going to die over a stupid cartoon. The tweaker punches him in the stomach, which made Daryl puke, his companions laugh, and everything was forgotten. This is the long-winded way of Daryl saying that, before the zombie apocalypse, he was nothing. He just drifted around with Merle, doing whatever he said they were going to do. “I was some redneck asshole with a bigger asshole for a brother.” Beth cries for her family, for the life she should have had. Daryl says he is simply used to this, growing up in an ugly place. Beth believes that Daryl will be the last man standing, then advises him to put away his unhappy childhood, or it will kill him. Then, she has a brilliant idea: let’s burn the house down. 

They toss the remaining moonshine all over the house. (This being the backwoods of Georgia, there is a lot of moonshine left.) They actually seem to be taking pleasure in this. They stand back from the house, and Beth lights a pile of money they took from the country club. Daryl tosses it into the house and within seconds, the whole thing goes up in flames. Beth gives the house the finger, as does Daryl (after a nudge from Beth). Zombies are drawn to the flames, so the two move off, but it is clear a weight has been lifted.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a sweet episode. It got a little dodgy, though. I was really worried that all that set up was going to lead to Daryl and Beth having sex: they were both really drunk; Beth said she had never done anything “really stupid” while drunk; there were emotional outbursts… come on, you thought it was going to go there, too.

Kill o’ the Week

Daryl beats up a country club zombie with a golf club. He bashes its head over and over and over - and finally takes a shot. A big chunk of oozing zombie flesh dislodges and splats right on Beth.


Next week it is Maggie, Bob and Sasha’s turn. And they are down to only six bullets.