TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 415 - 'Us'


The Walking Dead Episode 415
Written By: Nichole Beattie & Seth Hoffman
Directed By: Greg Nicotero
Original Airdate: 23 March 2014

In This Episode…

When Len swoops in and “claims” a bunny that he and Daryl shot at about the same time, Daryl learns a lesson about Joe’s rules: all you have to say is “claim” to lay claim to anything: food, bed, weapon, whatever; you steal, you get killed; and no lying. Len wants to “teach Daryl a lesson” but Joe gives him a pass because he didn’t know the rules. He splits the bunny in half. The group finds a garage to camp in. It is filled with cars. All have been drained of gas, but provide a comfy place to sleep. Daryl won’t call “claim,” so he surrenders to a corner of concrete. Daryl dozes, and wakes to find Len hassling him, claiming that Daryl stole his half of the rabbit. Daryl denies it. Joe steps in and dumps out Daryl’s bag. The front half of the rabbit rolls out, and Daryl suggests that Len planted it in there. Len still insists that Daryl stole it. Joe sides with Daryl and the other men in the group beat the hell out of Len. Joe had seen Len put the rabbit in Daryl’s bag, setting him up. He was the liar; he ends up dead. 

The men continue on and they see a sign for Terminus. This is the first time Daryl has seen the sign. Joe’s group found a house to camp out in, only there was a guy in there, hiding, who jumped out and strangled one of their own. Joe’s group chased him, but they lost him. What they did find was the map to Terminus, which was as good a place as any to head. Joe doesn’t think they will welcome a group like them with open arms, which makes me think that they might bring the trouble to Terminus.

Glenn sees one of Maggie’s messages, and breaks out in a run. Eventually they come to a tower of some sort and Abraham insists they stop here to rest for a few hours. They are getting tired, and Abraham’s first priority is protecting Eugene. I think it is rather adorable how adamant Abraham is to carry out his mission. Glenn makes a deal with them: they continue until sundown, at which point they will rest. Glenn will give Eugene his riot gear for extra protection. Everyone agrees and they continue on.

They come to a tunnel. It is dark, and zombie moans echo within. Abraham suggests they go around, but that will take them at least a day, and Glenn simply doesn’t want to wait. It is at this point that they split up, with Tara continuing with Glenn into tunnel. Abraham gives them a couple cans of food and a flashlight, then tells them if shit gets too heavy in there, double back and try to meet up with them. Glenn agrees, and everyone hugs goodbyes.

Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene head back to the road and they find a minivan that still drives. Eugene insists on navigating while Abraham naps and Rosita drives. She is frustrated because after several right turns she decides they are lost. Eugene insists she stop, so she does. Then she realizes where they stopped: the other end of the tunnel. He wants to wait for Glenn and Tara to continue on with them. (Eugene has a little crush on Tara, even though he knows she is gay. It might just be because she is a gamer, or she will let him ramble on incessantly.)

In the tunnel, Glenn and Tara find the source of the moaning: a dozen or so zombies trapped under an enormous pile of rubble, a partial cave-in of the tunnel. This had to have happened very recently. As Glenn climbs the pile, he checks zombies to make sure none of them are Maggie. At the top of the pile, he sees dozens of zombies milling about, and once they catch sight of him, they clamor to get at him. Maggie made it through, so Glenn is determined to make it through. As he and Tara start climbing down, she slips and her foot gets buried beneath a bunch of rubble. Even working together, they cannot un-stuck her. Tara begs Glenn to leave her, but he refuses. He shoots at the zombies until he is out of bullets, then he reaches for his knife. A small band of humans appears at the other end of the tunnel, yells at them to take cover, and shoots down every last zombie. A figure steps into vision.

It’s Maggie! She and Glenn have a very sweet reunion. Maggie, Bob and Sasha had met up with Eugene, Rosita, and Abraham, and when they heard the gunshots, they came to help. Glenn introduces Tara as someone he met along the way - no sense in mentioning she had been with the Governor for a time. Tara knows he was a psychopath, regrets the decision, and has since proven herself very loyal. They are only about a day’s walk from Terminus, and Eugene decides he wants to go there first, check it out, see what kind of setup they have, before moving on to Washington. (He still claims to have the cure for this contagion, but no one seems to ask him about it. I still think he is full of shit, living in his own RPG video game or something.)

So the next day, the group makes it to Terminus, a large brick building, behind a fence. They move in, and see some flowers planted in the courtyard. Moving further in, they come to another gate, this one with a sign that says “Lower your weapons. You will be met. You have arrived at Terminus.” Terminus is something of a cross between Woodbury and the prison: nice, but not creepily nice. They are met by a woman behind a barbecue, who introduces herself as Mary. “Let’s get you settled and get you a plate.” Everyone smiles.

Dig It or Bury It?

I never really expect much from penultimate episodes. Everything that happened tonight was to tie up some loose ends and get everyone ready for next week’s finale. Plus, after last week’s episode, “The Grove,” you really can’t compete.

Trying to decide what is going on with Terminus. It is awfully empty for a “sanctuary.” And Mary is awfully overweight for someone living in the apocalypse. I am thinking she and whoever else is there have become cannibals, and the signs are luring their food in. Why else would the place be so empty?


Season finale time. I am guessing the rest of our weary travelers arrive at Terminus, and the reunion is short-lived.