TV Review: 'Bedlam' Episode 101 - 'Cohabitants'


Bedlam Episode 101


Written By: Neil Jones, David Allison and Chris Parker

Directed By: John Strickland

Original Airdate: 1 October 2011

In This Episode...

Meet Kate. She is the sales agent and a resident in Bedlam Heights Luxury Flats. Once a mental asylum owned and operated by her grandfather, the hospital was shut down due to abuse of patients, and grandpa died before he could stand trial. Kate's father, Warren, owns the building and turned it in to apartments, wanting to do something good with the property. Kate shares a flat with Molly, her good-natured, well-traveled, slightly flakey best friend, and Ryan, a sexually confused computer tech who is still getting over the murder of his brother a year ago. Another friend, Zoe, came over for birthday drinks with Kate, but disappeared from the lobby without a trace.

Jed is brought to Bedlam Heights by urgent text messages from an unknown sender that just say "Save Kate." Jed is Kate's cousin, but they are slightly estranged. Jed has spent the last few years in a mental hospital of his own because he talks to ghosts. Of course, those ghosts are real - otherwise we wouldn't be discussing it. In addition to the frantic text messages, Jed is having visions of a woman being drowned. He bursts in on Kate trying to have sex with Ryan - incorrectly assuming the sounds he heard from the bathroom were of Ryan drowning her - and ends up crashing on the couch for a few days. He sees the word "drowned" written in steam on the mirror; he hears water drops when there is no reason to. His new flatmates sense a supernatural presence but dismiss it - until Ryan witnesses Jed save Kate from drowning in the bathtub after she "fell asleep." Kate is so grateful that she is no longer worried about Jed's mental state, but he decides it is time for him to move on.

As Jed leaves, he sees the words "Save Kate" scrawled on the Bedlam Heights garden wall. A van is obscuring some of the words - it moves and reveals the full message: "Save yourself from Kate." Jed sees the haunted faces of ghosts staring down at him and, resigned, Jed heads back in to his new digs.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am eager to see how this goes. It is off to a smashing start: a haunted mental asylum, dark family secrets, creepy ghosts. There are some great visuals that are both subtle and startling; simple, classic gags like a ghostly figure in white walking the halls silently, or a dark shadowy ghost appearing for an instant in a mirror.

None of the characters really stick out yet. Kate obviously has something deeper going on - Molly makes a comment to Jed about "putting the pieces of Kate back together." Molly herself is sweet but bland; Jed is stereotypically troubled and brooding. Ryan is a closeted homosexual which, frankly, is annoying. He is obviously gay; accept it and move on.

Meet the Ghosts

Tonight's ghost was a bald, middle-aged woman. Once a patient at the asylum, she was drowned during a "treatment" that was supposed to rid her of her "demons." It looked like a ritual they would have done on a witch in Salem. She is drawn to Bedlam Heights to retrieve a beautiful cocktail ring that Warren gave to Kate for her birthday. The construction workers found it in the wall during renovations. Once she has her ring, her spirit is set free.

A Haunting We Will Go-Go

Kate gives her ring to Molly. Molly in turn puts it on a necklace. While leaning over the basin to wash her face, the ring gets "caught" in the drain and nearly drowns her. Later, Kate finds the ring on the counter and absentmindedly puts it on before her near-deadly bath. This sends the ghost woman for her. When Jed busts into the bathroom, he reaches deep into the tub to try to pull Kate back from the other dimension. Instead he grabs ghost woman, who wraps her arms tightly around him. He sympathizes with her struggle, returns her ring to her finger, and the ghost disappears.


Molly brings home trouble in the form of a "friend" who may or may not be a ghost.