TV Review: 'Death Valley' Episode 104 - 'Two Girls, One Cop'


Death Valley Episode 104

"Two Girls, One Cop"

Written By: David Weinstein

Directed By: Drew Daywalt

Original Airdate: 19 September 2011

In This Episode...

The UTF answer a call about a werewolf on the loose. When they arrive, John-John and Carla discover the werewolf is an actor on a porn shoot, and he changed in the middle of a scene. Stubeck and Billy, meanwhile, are looking for the werewolf in the neighborhood. When the makeup girl from the shoot ends up at their feet, dead, they realize the werewolf is in the house. The werewolf attacks through a wall, and the cops tranquilize him. When he sobers up, he apologizes, and the cops are stunned to learn that he knew he had the virus before the shoot. He never works on a full moon but his nutritionist told him it could be controlled so he could make a little extra cash. Not only did he kill the makeup girl, he turned one of his co-stars.

Meanwhile, Kirsten is on lockdown duty. She makes house to house calls to make sure registered werewolves are properly secured before the full moon. One house she visits, the wife is cagey. She finally admits her husband escaped a half hour ago. Kirsten gives chase, and beats the crap out of him.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a surprisingly lackluster episode. It wasn't nearly as funny as a porn-based episode should be, nor was it particularly sexy. There was virtually no gore at all in this episode. The action sequence with Kirsten kicking that werewolf's ass was pretty cool. Interestingly, the Captain was nowhere to be found. I love that the title of the episode - and the name of the porn they were shooting - was "Two Girls, One Cop."

Undead Tee-Hee Force

The porn director talking about Mara, the makeup woman: "She can make a vagina look like a pair of Swedish baby thumbs."




Zombies pull a Dawn of the Dead and invade the local mall.