TV Review: 'Falling Skies' Episode 1.3 - 'Grace'


Falling Skies Episode 1.3


Written By: Melinda Hsu Taylor

Directed By: Fred Toye

Original Airdate: 3 July 2011

In This Episode...

Harris wants to vivisect the alien that Tom captured; Anne wants to communicate with it. She shows it kindness by offering it water. The alien reaches for it tentatively, but then Harris rolls in with the corpse of another alien. It has the desired effect: sends the living alien into a frenzy. Ricky, the de-harnessed kid, finally wakes, but doesn't recognize his father. Mike confronts the captive alien, but quickly gets frustrated by the lack of communication and forces his gun down the alien's gullet, sending the creature into another frenzy. But this time, Anne puts two and two together. Every time the alien freaks out, it causes static on the little radio that Matt helped Scott build. An autopsy on the dead alien reveals nothing - it has been dead too long and its brain is goo.

The living alien maintains a psychic connection with Rick. He "calls" to Rick, gets him to put the harness back on, and let him out. Mike stops him before the alien gets free, but the alien uses Rick as a mouthpiece. "You want to hurt me," alien Rick says.

Meanwhile, Tom and his crew are sent to a motorcycle shop a few miles out. Pope was the one who found the shop - it is off the beaten path and relatively intact - so he gets to go to help them find it. Once there, Pope steals a bike and escapes. He goes back to where the group had found a handful of sleeping skitters in order to blow them up; then he is in the wind. The explosion draws attention to the remaining humans in the bike shop. A fleet of harnessed kids with weapons march out of the woods and open fire. Dai gets hit, but no one fires back - they can't bring themselves to fire back against kids. A skitter makes it into the shop, but Tom and crew peel out without incident.

Dig It or Bury It?

That last scene in the bike shop could have - and should have - been an action set piece. But it is not. In fact, I think my description was more exciting than that scene. There is that nice shot of a skitter crawling up the wall behind Tom stealthily. You would expect a battle, right? Nope - Tom notices the alien, hops on his bike with the injured Dai, and they bail. Dai gets a couple shots off from the back of Tom's bike, but seriously - no fights? Up until that point I was actually quite involved with this episode, but that failed action scene really killed it for me.

Alien Nation

When the skitters sleep, they hang upside-down from the freeway overpass like bats.

Alien Humor

Pope finds out that he gets to go with Tom on the excursion to the bike shop - but he has to go unarmed. "What am I, Canadian?"


More almost-awesome fight scenes that lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction?