TV Review: 'Falling Skies' Episode 1.5 - 'Sanctuary Pt. 1'


Falling Skies Episode 1.5

"Sanctuary Pt. 1"

Written By: Joes Anderson Thompson

Directed By: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Original Airdate: 17 July 2011

In This Episode...

Parents bring the young Eli to Anne for a checkup. The dad holds her at gunpoint, demanding all her drugs. They make off with a sack full of pharms, and Weaver, Tom, and Mike hunt them down. A man named Terry Clayton catches this thieving family, makes them give back the drugs and sends them on their way.

Terry was with 7th Mass. They got hard hit by a skitter attack: the aliens took all the kids, then the mechs opened fire on the adults. Terry was one of only about 20 to make it out. They hid in a remote farmhouse, but now Terry says the skitters were heading towards 2nd Mass. Porter's unit was going to move this way, but that could take up to 72 hours. In the mean time, 2nd Mass is to barricade the school. Terry suggests the kids go ahead with him to the farmhouse because it is safer. No parent likes that idea.

13-year-old Jimmy begs Weaver for a patrol. He sends him to help Parker on the night watch. The two are stationed in a school bus when the mech comes. Parker is killed; Jimmy makes it out alive. He races into the school, screaming that there are mechs, but cannot find anyone. He squeezes through a loosely chained door, and a skitter grabs him. Jimmy blindly shoots behind him until the skitter lets him go, but he doesn't stop. He busts through the door and looms over Jimmy. Weaver shoots him from behind. With that attack, Tom makes the decision to send Ben and Matt with Terry to the safe house. The other parents follow suit. Hal insists on going with his brothers to "keep them safe." But in reality, he doesn't trust Ben.

A couple guards go with Terry, Hal and the other kids. Terry sends the kids off to sleep and promises a tour in the morning. He goes to find Eli, alone in a room, and promises to take him to his parents. Instead, he takes the kid into the woods, where a young girl befriends him. When Eli sees that she is harnessed, he tries to escape, but the aliens are already there. A mech knocks him out with a blast of blue light, while a skitter scoops the kid up, and Terry promises that he has more kids for them - as per their deal. Back at the farmhouse, it is revealed that Terry is holding Pope prisoner and he was the one who told Terry where to find the kids.

Dig It or Bury It?

Gee, I am so shocked by that sudden turn of events! The internet really needs a sarcasm button. Yeah, it was a pretty obvious plot point - Terry literally Pied Pipered the kids out of that school, and he obviously gave Tom the incorrect directions to the farm. But overall, it was an enjoyable episode. The show has definitely come into its own. Hell, I almost got a little emotional when Tom sends his boys to certain doom - I mean, the safe house.

Alien Nation

As Ben explains to Matt, living with the aliens wasn't that bad. At first, he had never been so scared in his life. But once the harness was on, "it wasn't so bad." Of course not - he had record doses of opiates shot into his system. Ben says that the skitters didn't so much talk to them, as think with them. He also believes that the skitters cared for them, and admits that sometimes, he misses them.

Apparently the racial slur for returned harness kids is "razorback." I don't know why, but that amuses me.

Alien Logic

I do not understand why those parents at the beginning wanted to strike out on their own. In virtually every apocalypse scenario ever committed to film, there is always someone who thinks that they can do better on their own.


Next week marks the season finale of the show. Looks like the school faction and the farm faction will be at war with each other. Also, I am assuming Sarah, the knocked-up chick, will pop out the baby in the season finale. She was "watch your shoes" pregnant in this one, and I'm sure figuring how to care of a newborn in a war zone will be a good plot point.