TV Review: 'Falling Skies' Episode 1.6


Falling Skies Episode 1.6

"Sanctuary Part 2"

Written By: Melinda Hsu Taylor

Directed By: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

Original Airdate: 24 July 2011

In This Episode...

Things seem idyllic at Sanctuary farm. The kids play soccer. Meals are cooked in a modern, normal kitchen. There is a garden that yields fresh produce. Pope escapes the basement, takes a couple guns, and runs. After dinner, Lourdes stumbles across Eli's backpack and brings it to Hal and Mike's attention. Hal remembers that the map Terry drew was wrong, but Mike is reticent to believe his old friend could be up to no good. Mike sneaks around the locked barn and discovers Eli's clothing. Terry accosts him and admits that he is working with the skitters. He invites Mike and Rick to stay at Sanctuary and benefit from their immunity. As soon as Terry lets him go, Mike has Hal and Lourdes gather up the children and make their escape.

Terry and his men are hot on their tail. Mike capitalizes on the fact that Terry needs the kids alive. He sends Hal ahead with the kids while he lays down protective gunfire. Off in the distance, Hal hears an ominous, final gunshot. The kids continue their hike until dawn, at which point they take refuge in a house they see off the road. The kids sleep while Hal and Lourdes stand guard. Ben is too amped to sleep, and decides to run ahead for help. On the road, he sees Terry and crew still searching for the kids. Ben runs in a panic - right into Tom and Dai. After 48 hours bunkered at the school with no signs of Porter's crew or skitters, Tom was concerned. When Sanctuary was not where Terry said it was, he went off to find the kids. Tom and Dai head towards the house while Ben heads back to base camp.

Terry and his men have found where the kids are holed up. Hal holds his ground, but it is a losing battle. Pope appears in the woods and opens fire on Terry's men. Tom finds him, and they form an uneasy truce. Pope doesn't trust anyone who sides with the skitters, so 2nd Mass won his allegiance by default. Tom realizes that Terry would shoot Hal in order to scare the kids out, so he surrenders, and insists Hal do the same. Terry leads everyone back to Sanctuary. As the kids are being shuttled into the stable, Weaver and his men surround the place, tipped off by Ben. The men surrender, but Terry tries a last ditch stunt: pulling a gun on Hal. Tom drops him with a single bullet. The rest of the Sanctuary families are disarmed, but Weaver lets them go, with the warning that if he sees any of them again, he will kill them.

Also: Sarah has her baby. It is a breach birth, aided by a surprisingly helpful Weaver. When Ben comes through on bringing help to the kids, Jimmy stops his distrust of the "razorbacks." However, Ricky still hasn't adjusted to being with humans, and does not hide the fact that he wants to be back with the skitters. Pope is back with 2nd Mass, at least for now.

Dig It or Bury It?

Noah Wylie was not in the majority of this episode, which made it immensely more watchable - even without a single alien. I've decided that he is truly what I don't like about this show. He always seems unhappy. Not the character Tom - of course he doesn't want to be in that alien hellhole. But it genuinely feels like Noah Wylie does not want to do this show.

Alien Nation

When Terry describes how he got into bed with the skitters, you almost understand why he did it - almost. The skitters descended on Terry's unit (7th Mass) like locusts. They fought, to no effect. They retreated in hopes of saving their population, but it was hopeless. Then, a young girl, Megan, fell behind and was swept up by the aliens. Then the attack stopped. The remaining members of 7th Mass were left alone for about a week. The skitters sent a harnessed Megan back with a message: all we want are your kids. And thus, a deal was struck. Terry provides kids, his group gets immunity.


Rick is going to cause trouble for the group, as will Sarah's baby.