TV Review: 'Fringe' Episode 401 - 'Neither Here Nor There'


Fringe Episode 401

"Neither Here Nor There"

Written By: Akiva Goldsman, J.H. Wyman, and Jeff Pinkner

Directed By: Joe Chappelle

Original Airdate: 23 September 2011

In This Episode...

It has been a week since the two universes were forced to work together. There is no trust between either side. We spend this week on "our" side. With Peter never having existed, Lincoln and Olivia never met in this universe. Well, that changes tonight when Lincoln loses his partner while in pursuit of a translucent perp. At the crime scene, Olivia tries to brush him off, but he is persistent and follows her back to Walter's lab. He wants answers, and Olivia is not at liberty to give them. When a call comes in about another victim turning translucent, she gives in and lets Lincoln tag along. "The agency can fire you another day."

There is no visible pattern between the victims. Varying age, race, sex, everything. Lincoln tells Walter that his partner, Robert, used to take iron pills, so Walter starts on another barrage of tests, and discovers that all the victims suffered from diseases that affected the minerals in their blood. An automatic charge on another victim's credit card leads them to realize that all the victims are abducted around commuter rail stations. A stakeout leads to the shooting deaths of not one but two translucent subjects. 

During the autopsies, Walter discovers a bio-mechanical shifter device planted inside. At this point, Broyles is forced to raise Lincoln's clearance level and he is officially welcomed in to Fringe division by being introduced to Fauxlivia in the meeting space between the two universes.

Meanwhile, the "main" Observer (the one we see most) meets with the "head" Observer and tells him that traces of Peter are still bleeding through. He must erase all evidence of Peter: "They can never know the boy lived to be a man." So our Observer builds a little machine... but he can't bring himself to wipe the last vestiges of Peter from existence. He is still there. Olivia admits to Lincoln that she has always felt a hole in her life. She couldn't explain it, but she knew Fringe division was the only place she could find answers. Walter is not free of Peter either: he keeps seeing Peter in the mirror, or the reflection of his television. It terrifies him. We see these reflections, including a shadowy "glitch" that is Peter flickering in the background.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a good way to ease back into the new season. A little slow at parts, and no real surprises. I really, really miss Peter. Lincoln is obviously going to be Olivia's "partner" until Peter gets back. Maybe they will even become romantic in a desperate bid to fill that hole in her life (ha! That's what she said...).

In A World Without Peter...

Walter is severely agoraphobic and refuses to leave the lab. He lives in the office and communicates with Astrid via camera and blue tooth when she is in the field. Both Astrid and Olivia care for him as if he was there own father.

Walter Babble

Interestingly, Walter babbles less with Peter not here. No, that's not exactly true. He still babbles, but his babbling is sad. It is not nearly as spritely or silly as it was when he had Peter. Instead, he remarks at how sad it is, seeing an engagement ring on one of the victims. 


Walter is experimenting with reanimation when Lincoln meets him. He pulls a dead bird from the freezer, injects it with a serum, and watches as it flaps to life, flies around the room - and drops dead again. Interestingly, this is the second show this year to feature a reanimated bird (see also: True Blood).


Next week we will finally see the two universes work together.