TV Review: 'Second Chance at First Line' - 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.2

Teen Wolf Episode 1.2

"Second Chance at First Line"

Written By: Jeff Davis

Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Original Airdate: 6 June 2011

In This Episode...

After a lecture from the coach, Scott starts to wolf out during lacrosse practice. He nails Jackson (who is later diagnosed with a separated shoulder) and hides in the locker room. Stiles goes after, but Scott is full wolf now. Stiles fends him off with a fire extinguisher. Later that night while video chatting, Stiles sees someone behind Scott. It is Derek, who was watching Scott earlier. He is furious that he lost control on the field and insists that Scott cannot play this weekend. The coach won't let him wuss out, and both his mom and Allison are planning to attend.

At school, Allison discovers her party jacket in her locker - put there by Derek. Scott freaks and confronts Derek at his dilapidated home in the woods. He insists that he is trying to help Scott, but Scott is stubborn. He is convinced that he smelled human blood while at the Hale property, so later that day he sneaks into the morgue and smells the partial Jane Doe stored there. The smell is the same. That night, he and Stiles go to the Hale property and dig up the body. It smells different to Scott and he soon finds out why: the body is that of a wolf. Stiles spots wolfsbane nearby. It is tied to a rope, looped around the burial site. He removes it, and the boys see that it was all an illusion. The body was, in fact, the top half of the dead girl. Stiles tells his dad, and the police arrest Derek. He is later released when the ME determines that the girl was killed by a wild animal. They also ID the girl - Laura Hale, Derek's sister.

Game time. Scott plays, but plays poorly. His anger builds when he sees Allison help Lydia hold up a "We Luv You Jackson" sign. Nothing like a little jealousy to get those wolf hormones raging. Scott wolfs out and wins the game at the buzzer. He takes off for the locker room immediately. Allison follows, but by the time she reaches him, he has controlled himself, and is back to human Scott. They kiss, she leaves, and Scott is happy to report to Stiles that he managed to control himself.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am still really on the fence about the show. It's not horrible - it's just not good. The pacing is slow. There is not enough action, but the teen melodrama is pretty uninteresting, too. I can get behind melodrama if it is tawdry enough. In tonight's episode, Lydia decides to blackmail Scott into playing by pimping Allison out to the rest of the lacrosse team (and by pimping out, I mean "introduces her"). It just seems so banal. MTV seems to not know what to do with this series. On the one hand, they try to be edgy with stuff like making Stiles a borderline Adderall addict (it's a common ADHD drug). But they are obviously restraining themselves from being too edgy after problems with their last scripted series Skins (in which advertisers pulled out because the show was too raunchy, and one organization tried to launch a federal investigation, saying that using underage actors essentially amounted to child pornography). I'm no prude, but I am please to see that Teen Wolf is not populated by MTV's usual cast of skanks and ho-bags.

I will say this: Teen Wolf does have me wanting a little more. Stiles noticed that the girl in the grave was a full wolf, whereas Scott only goes half-wolf. I want to hear more about this, and I am relieved to find out that there will be a reason behind it, not just "that's what the original did." Of course, I wish Derek would stop playing that creepy-brooding-stalker-guy-in-the-corner and just tell Scott what he needs to know instead of relying on Stiles's knowledge of old black and white films.

Dumbest. Moment. Ever.

At Lydia's request, Jackson get a cortisone shot in his shoulder so that he can play in the first game of the season. Jackson acts like the doc just held him down and injected him with heroin. It's just cortisone - it's like getting an injection of Advil directly into the injury.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

I liked that when the boys were Face Timing, just as Stiles is trying to type out a message to warn Scott, the whole computer freezes, and Scott gets the spinning beach ball of doom. I am a huge Apple fangirl, but Face Time annoys the hell out of me.


Scott gets laid (hey, MTV waited for the third date - er, episode), and Jackson makes it his mission to find out Scott's secret and generally make his life miserable.