TV Review: 'The Secret Circle' Episode 103 - 'Loner'


Secret Circle Episode 103


Written By: Richard Hatem

Directed By: Colin Bucksey

Original Airdate: 29 September 2011

In This Episode...

Faye is pissed off to find that, now that the circle is bound, she is completely powerless without at least one more circle witch with her. The more witches, the stronger the power. She is determined to figure out a way around that rule.

Cassie is being harassed by a man named Zachary. Zachary knew Amelia and is furious to discover her spawn has moved back to town. He knows that Cassie is a witch and accosts her at the marina - Diana arrives in time to save her. Zachary later accosts Faye in the magic house, and he discovers the circle has been bound. Faye escapes to the school, where the rest of the circle is "enjoying" the school dance. Zachary follows, but stops off to beat the crap out of Charles and tell him of his plan to kill at least one of the kids - the only way to unbind the circle.

At school, Zachary goes for Cassie. The kids think that his girlfriend, Heather, died in the boat fire that took their parents. Zachary tells them that Heather didn't die; "What Amelia did to her was far worse." The kids locate Zachary, who is holding a knife to Cassie's throat, and their combined powers throw him up and slam him on the floor. Dawn finds them, and the kids - almost telepathically - have an airtight story about how "this guy" broke into the school, started tearing open lockers, and slipped on the mess. Dawn obviously knows what happened. She goes along with the story, sends the kids back to the dance, and with Charles's help, "disposes" of Zachary (they stick him, bound and gag and still alive, into the trunk, drive him somewhere secluded, and place a tracking spell on him).

Dig It or Bury It?

Watching The Vampire Diaries, then The Secret Circle is like watching Star Wars, and then the prequels. It just leads to disappointment. By episode three, I am not enamored with this show. I feel like The Secret Circle doesn't have much mythology behind it, so the show has to stretch out what it does as long as possible, and fill in the gaps with high school drama.

The show plays it safe - boringly so. I know it is only the third episode, but the kids haven't really shown off any wicked magic. The raindrop dance from episode one was cool from a visual perspective, but if they have all this crazy power, why not show it off a bit?

I Put a Spell on You

When Zachary accosts Cassie at the docks, it is not until Diana checks on the ruckus that any magic happens: Zachary gets thrown a few few feet. Later, at the school, it takes all six kids to make the lockers fly open and spill plain white paper in the hall. They magically raise Zachary up in the air to scare him, then slam him down on the ground to knock him out. Worst. Magic. Ever.

This Magic Moment

Cassie and Diana look up the details on the boat fire that killed their parents, and begin to suspect that the fire was due to witchcraft. Three episodes in, and they are only just now piecing this together?


I will admit, next week's episode looks good. It looks like we get to see Heather's fate worse than death - and she is pissed. Haunting, anger, violence, and action are all promised in next week's episode.