TV Review: 'Supernatural' Episode 701 - 'Meet the New Boss'


Supernatural Episode 701

"Meet the New Boss"

Written By: Sera Gamble

Directed By: Phil Sgriccia

Original Airdate: 23 September 2011

In This Episode...

We open where last season ended: Bobby, Dean, and Sam in the lab, staring at a newly empowered Castiel. He feels no need to kill the guys and promises that if they remember their place, they may stay in his kingdom. He takes his leave. The guys go home. Dean is frustrated that they have nothing in their arsenal to use against Cass and tries to turn his attentions on fixing his car. He takes Sam at his word that things are fine because he wants to believe that one thing in his life is going right, even though Sam is having monster-sized hallucinations. 

Cass has decided to head out into the world and smite as he sees fit. He kills hypocritical, hate-spouting, Fred Phelps-like preachers in front of their minions - 200 in a matter of a day, causing the news media to call it an "act of god." He has killed enough Klan leaders that the KKK has been forced to disband ("I can't really argue with that one," says Dean). He kills stadiums of motivational speakers, but heals leper colonies and blind beggars. With the death toll getting out of control, the boys have to come up with some kind of plan.  So they summon Crowley. But Crowley has already entered (begrudgingly) into a deal with Cass: Crowley is reinstated as the king of hell and Cass chooses which souls he gets. The best that Crowley can give them is a spell to bind Death. Death is the only one left with the power to bring down Cass.

They guys do the spell and summon forth Death, who doesn't take kindly to being disturbed - especially when he is bound to them. He thinks that he is there to plug up that dam in Sam's head. Dean chooses to ignore that for now, and instead focuses on a way to cut Cass's power. Cass shows up and threatens to kill the boys. "You can't - Death is our bitch." Death notices that Castiel is slowly decaying - the power has literally gone to his head. Cass breaks Death's bonds and disappears, off to wreck more vengeance. Death agrees to help the boys, but only because he wants Cass to be brought down. As Death explains, Cass has been gulping down souls indiscriminately, including the beasts that purgatory was built to contain, leviathans. Death will create an eclipse so the boys can send the souls back to purgatory.

Dean has given up. The only way to get the souls Cass has swallowed back to purgatory it to bring Cass to the lab - something he is not likely to do. Sam prays to Cass in a last-ditch effort. Sam caught him at the right moment. Cass had gone to a reelection campaign headquarters with the intentions of killing the incumbent; instead, he ends up slaughtering the entire staff. He is weak and in bad shape, and comes when Sam calls for him. He needs Sam and Dean's help - the leviathans are eating him from the inside out.

The guys take him back to the lab. Sam disappears, lost in his own hallucinations, but this one is a doozy: Lucifer shows up and tells him that he is still in hell. This is his best torture yet - making Sam think he was free. So that's kind of a mindfuck. Dean and Bobby don't have time to look for Sam so they do the ritual without him. It works: the portal opens and sucks the souls from Cass in a bolt of light. Cass drops and Dean thinks he is dead. But he wakes up a moment later, crazier and more evil than ever. The leviathans are in charge now.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a good way to open the season. They wasted no time in getting to the good stuff, and Castiel made a great vengeful god. It was snappy and fast-paced. My only complaint is that it kind of ends up in the same place that last year's finale ended up: with Cass crazy and possessed with evil. Just a different kind of evil.

Sibling Rivalry

Dean is mad that he had to find out about Sam's hallucinations from Death. Sam was just trying not to worry his brother. "There isn't anything you can do to help," he says.

Blood Brothers

Cass goes crazy. While you don't actually get to see the rampage, the aftermath of Cass's slaughter at the political HQ was chilling. Earlier in the episode, when he is at his craziest, Cass hears voices. He finds bigger clumps of skin falling away, and sees moaning hands trying desperately to claw their way out of Cass's stomach (very Nightmare on Elm Street).

Spooky Humor

At the very beginning of the episode, when Cass reveals that he is now god, Bobby says, "Well, alright then," and drops to his knees. "Is this good for you, or do you want the whole head-to-the-carpet thing?"

Later, when Dean has given up on stopping Cass, he turns to booze and porn. Asian cartoon porn.


Next week is all about figuring out what is real and what is a dream. Was Lucifer telling Sam the truth?