TV Review: 'Supernatural' Episode 702 - 'Hello Cruel World'


Supernatural Episode 702

"Hello Cruel World"

Written By: Ben Edlund

Directed By: Guy Bee

Original Airdate: 30 September 2011

In This Episode...

Bobby, Dean, and Sam follow a bloodied, crazed Castiel into the municipal water supply. He goes underwater and explodes into a cloud of oily black substance. Cass's coat washes up to shore. He is gone and the leviathans are in the town's water supply. They take over the first bodies they can: a little girl, an auto mechanic, a couple of boys on a high school swim team. Dissatisfied by their shapes, the little girl (apparently the leader) learns about surgeons on TV, and she takes over the body of a good-looking Dr. Gaines. As a surgeon, the leviathans can cut open victims at their leisure, and eat their organs without fear of getting caught. Gaines sets the two high school boys up with other medical professionals (a nurse and the hospital administrator). The mechanic, Edgar, has something to take care of before he can change shape.

Meanwhile, Sam is in the middle of a psychotic break. He is having hallucinations of Lucifer, who is trying to convince Sam that he is still in hell and that the only way to be free from the horrors of hell is to kill himself. By posing as Dean, Lucifer lures Sam to a warehouse, insisting that he needs his help in defeating the leviathans. The real Dean turned on Sam's GPS chip, so he is able to track him. At the warehouse, he talks Sam down by holding his hands and pressing into his injured hand. With every jolt of pain, Sam's vision of Lucifer flickers. He begins applying his own pressure, and eventually Lucifer disappears.

The boys head back to Bobby's house - and find the place a smoldering pile of tinder. Bobby is nowhere to be found. Before the boys can worry too much, Edgar attacks. Dean drops a car on his head, squishing him like a bug, but the boys don't escape unscathed. Dean has a broken leg and Sam is unconscious. He calls an ambulance, but is horrified to discover they are being taken to the hospital in which the leviathans took up residence. As the ambulance speeds away, we see Edgar's black blood slowly get sucked back into his mangled body.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really hope this isn't the last we see of Cass. Luckily, in Supernatural, death is never as final as it may seem. I'm curious to see where these leviathans go. Is there enough story there for them to last the whole season? As of right now, they seem to just be standard demons who take over people's bodies and eat their organs. I do like Sam's psychosis storyline - hopefully that will be the focus of the season, because it seems that there are more places for that story to go.

I really want Cass back.

Blood Brothers

When the leviathans get angry and let their monster-side show, their jaws become huge and take over their entire face. They open wide, with huge teeth, and look like something out of Beetlejuice. Definitely the coolest monster I have seen on Supernatural.

Spooky Humor

Tonight's episode was a light on the humor, especially for being a Ben Edlund episode. One quote that sticks out came from a fake TV commercial for Joe's Pie Bar: "It's like a salad bar - but made up of pie!"

Sibling Rivalry

When Lucifer poses as Dean, it is obvious yet still subtle. He approaches Sam's situation casually, which ends up coming off as callous and unfeeling. In reality, Dean is terrified that he won't get his brother back.


Dean is separated from Sam at the hospital, and cases begin popping up in which people show up with their brains missing.