TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.10 - 'Co-Captains'

Teen Wolf Episode 1.10


Written By: Jeff Vlaming

Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Original Airdate: 1 August 2011

In This Episode...

After winning the lacrosse semi-finals, Scott is accosted in the empty locker room by Derek and Peter. Scott again refuses to join the pack, and is disappointed that Derek seems to have sided with his uncle. Peter digs his claws into Scott's neck, forcing him to view life through Peter's eyes. 

Alison wakes up one night to discover her necklace is gone. She looks for it in her car, and overhears her dad and aunt talking about weaponry and secret family nonsense. When they go inside, Alison looks at the weird weapon they were talking about. It kind of looks like an acorn-shaped buttplug. The next day she heads into the woods, Lydia following behind, and shoots the buttplug from her crossbow. It shoots a trail of fire and lands in a tree. Scott creeps up, scaring her, but he is just returning her necklace - he found it at school. Things are starting to defrost between them.

That night, Mrs. McCall has a date with a new drug rep. Before he even opens the door, Scott knows Peter is on the other side. "I thought you might be more willing to join our pack if your mom was part of it," he threatens. Scott is powerless to stop the date, and watches as his mom leaves. He arranges for Stiles to rear-end them on the way to the restaurant. Mrs. McCall is furious with her son's friend; Peter is vaguely impressed with Scott's moxie, but it is Jackson who needs his help more.

Derek picks up Jackson in the locker room at school, and promises to turn him. Kate watches from the shadows as the two leave and go to the Hale house. Once there, Jackson becomes anxious. As soon as Derek's claws come out, Jackson quivers and cries like a little girl, begging not to be turned. Scott shows up then, and he and Derek wolf out and face off. Before they can fight, the house is riddled with magic bullets. One hits Scott, and Derek gets him to safety before heading outside to meet his attackers face-to-face. 

Meanwhile, Scott escapes, only to collapse in the woods, bleeding and vomiting. He is picked up by the vet, who tends to his wounds and informs him that his clientele is mostly - but not entirely - cats and dogs. Kate decides it is time that Alison knew the truth about her family, so she takes her to a dank basement and reveals Derek Hale, chained up and wolfed-out.

Also: Stiles gets his dad drunk in order to get some details about the recent rash of murders. He discovers that all the people who were killed were somehow acquainted with the Hales, or had records for arson.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was definitely an interesting episode. Not much action, but it was high on the intrigue and low on the high school bullshit. I feel like, after nearly a full season, we are finally getting somewhere with the story. 

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

The montage of what Scott sees when Peter claws him is pretty great. A true horrorshow montage of Peter's victims, his family being burned alive, and using his niece as bait.

Dumbest. Moment. Ever.

Scott tries to convince Jackson that the werewolf power isn't all it's cracked up to be. "You didn't know how to harness your power," sneers Jackson. "It's like you turned 16, and you were given a Porsche, but you should have started with a Honda. Me, I've already got a Porsche."

A Lycanthrope's Tale

Apparently a werewolf can transfer its visions and experiences to a person via a scratch. I wonder if those claws secrete anything.


Next week is the winter formal. Nothing good ever came out of a school dance, and Teen Wolf is no exception.