TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.12 - 'Code Breakers'


Teen Wolf Episode 1.12

"Code Breaker"

Written By: Jeff Davis

Directed By: Russell Mulcahy

Original Airdate: 15 August 2011

In This Episode...

Scott gets to Derek before Peter can and sets him free on the promise that Derek will help him stop Peter. The two escape into the woods... but something doesn't feel right... because Kate and Alison are there, hunting them. Alison won't listen to Scott's pleadings, until Kate tells her they have to kill the boys. Alison thought they were just going to catch them, and wants no part in the killing. Argent appears in the nick o' time and threatens his sister, saying she broke the code. Peter shows up snatches Kate away into the Hale house. Alison follows and watches as Peter slits Kate's throat. Derek and Scott arrive, wolfed out, and battle Peter. Between the two of them, they get Peter outside, where Alison shoots him with a flaming arrow. His arm is set alight, and when Stiles and Jackson roll up, Jackson throws his ever-present flask of whiskey onto Peter. He goes up in flames.

But Peter isn't quite dead. Derek is about to slit his throat, but Scott begs him not to - Peter is the key to curing Scott. Derek ignores him, finishes off Peter, and turns with an evil gleam in his eye. "I'm the alpha now." Later, Jack goes to Derek and he finally gets his bite.

Meanwhile, Lydia is still in the hospital. Stiles and Scott check on her wounds and see that they haven't healed. She's not a werewolf. "Then what is she?" Stiles asks. Also, Alison accepts Scott's wolf side, and the two of them are back together.

Dig It or Bury It?

Now this is the way to wrap up the season. More than half the episode was fighting, killing, and intrigue. I am officially looking forward to season two. It was slow going getting there, but I think in season two, with the benefit of an established plot, more money, and hopefully a little looser leash, things are going to get bigger and badder.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Peter uses Stiles to hack into Scott's GPS (remember: Derek took Scott's phone, and Peter wants to track him). He insists that Stiles knows Scott's username and password. He gives it a whirl: username? Alison. Password? Alison. "Still want him in your pack?" 

Worst. Moment. Ever.

The brief glimpses of Lydia freaking out in her hospital room coated in blood. Yes, this should be the greatest moment. But the clips are barely flashes, and they are all in Alison's mind. Cop-out.


Season two coming soon... and in an interview clip at the end, Crystal Reed (who plays Alison) promises you will get to see Stiles's abs next season. So... yeah. There's something to look forward to.