TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.4 - 'Magic Bullet'


Teen Wolf Episode 1.4

"Magic Bullet"

Written By: Jeff Davis

Directed By: Toby Wilkins

Original Airdate: 20 June 2011

In This Episode...

There is a new hunter in town: Alison's aunt Kate. She rolls in and is being stalked by the alpha werewolf, who in turn is being stalked by Derek. Kate shoots Derek with a special bullet stuffed with a rare type of wolfsbane. At best, Derek has 48 hours to live. He hobbles desperately to school, seeking Scott, and begs him to find the bullet. Scott leaves Derek in the care of Stiles, who accepts the task begrudgingly. The pair head to the animal hospital to wait. If Scott doesn't return with the bullet soon, Derek wants Stiles to amputate his arm before the infection spreads to his heart.

Scott has a study date with Alison. There is some heavy making out, then she shows off her special skill (archery) and her dad's arsenal (he sells firearms to law enforcement). Chis is wary of his daughter's new beau, but Kate insists he stay for dinner. Chris does manage to make dinner very uncomfortable for Scott. Scott excuses himself to use the bathroom, and locates the magic bullets in Kate's travel bag.

Before Scott can leave, Kate corners him, furious, accusing him of stealing from her bag. Alison jumps in and admits it was her, and reveals a condom. Scott makes it to the animal hospital in the nick o' time. Derek busts open the bullet, lights the wolfsbane on fire, and rubs the ash in his glowing blue wound. The pain knocks him to the ground, but within seconds, his wound is fully healed. The boys still don't trust Derek, so he takes them to a nursing home where his catatonic uncle Peter resides. He was one of 11 Hale family members caught in the house fire, and the only survivor. Derek insists that Chris and Kate and their hunter friends were the ones who killed his family - and not all of them were werewolves.

Dig It or Bury It?

Holy crap, this episode was boring. It just dragged on. There were no fight scenes, no brutal murders, no action sequences. It was just. So. Boring.  I am so sick of Scott telling Derek to scram, and Derek telling Scott he needs to trust him. Either they need to become mortal enemies, or resign themselves to working together. Shit or get off the pot.

Okay, that's a lie - I can always be ruthless. The effects. The opening sequence featured a fully transformed werewolf running across the rooftops. The CG used to animate the werewolf was offensively bad. I mean, horrible. It looks like a stuffed animal shot with stop-motion animation. The physics were all wrong. The werewolf wasn't so much running across the buildings as floating over them - there was no environmental interaction.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Despite the slow pace and bad effects, there was one scene right at the top of the episode, where Kate is driving, and through her window you can see a werewolf keeping pace with her. The black on black shadows and faintly glowing red eyes and teeth were subtle, brief, and very effective.

Dumbest. Moment. Ever.

Stiles resists helping Derek, so he threatens him: "Start the car, or I will rip your throat out." Beat. "With my teeth." Was that really necessary? Did Stiles think he would rip out his throat with an ice cream scooper?


Next week promises more action. Let's hope it can deliver. Lydia sees "something" in the dark; Jackson is desperate to find Scott's hookup, and another body is found.