TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.5 - 'The Tell'


Teen Wolf Episode 1.5

"The Tell"

Written By: Monica Macer

Directed By: Toby Wilkins

Original Airdate: 27 June 2011

In This Episode...

Lydia sends Jackson into the video store while she waits in the car. Inside the empty store (because who the hell rents at the store anymore?) Jackson finds the clerk with his throat ripped out. He gets scared, the lights go out, and in the dark, two glowing red eyes stalk him. The werewolf knocks over the store shelves, trapping Jackson beneath. The wolf saunters over, calmly etches a mark into his neck, and leaps out the front window. Lydia sees the wolf leap out and she loses it.

The next day is Alison's birthday, a fact that she doesn't like to spread around because she was held back a year due to her family's frequent moves. Aunt Kate gives her an heirloom necklace with a wolf on it, and hints that she should ask about her heritage. Scott convinces Alison to ditch school so they can spend the day being lovey-dovey in the woods. This leaves Stiles in charge of the weirdness at school. He was with his dad when the sheriff got the call, and he is desperate for  answers. Jackson looks like his head might explode at any minute, and Lydia didn't even come to school. Stiles goes to check on her, and finds her whacked out on prescription mood stabilizers, unable to even remember the other night, let alone what ran past her. She passes out on Stiles's lap, and grabs her phone when a text buzzes through. He can't figure out how to get the text, but he finds something far more important: a blurry video clip of the werewolf that Lydia accidentally filmed. Naturally, Stiles steals her phone and, after much debate, Stiles deletes the video.

Scott realizes he is late for a parent-teacher conference at school, so he and Alison race back. Conferences are over by the time they get there, but people are running from the school in a panic. Argent shoots the creature; it is just a mountain lion.

Also: Kate pays Derek a visit and, after sending a zillion watts of electricity through him with a cattle prod, tells him that as much as she wishes she had, she did not kill his sister. Bite marks on the body prove it was another wolf. She promises that if Derek tells her who the alpha is, she will "take care of it." When she realizes he doesn't know, she goes a bit mad and starts firing an automatic gun indiscriminately. The sheriff has a few security camera stills that shows a dark four-legged creature running from the video store - then a step later is up on two legs. The vet still thinks it could be a mountain lion or possibly a bear.

Dig It or Bury It?

Tonight's episode was certainly better than last week's. There was a little more action and a little less moping. The romance in the woods was a totally wasted opportunity. Something at least foreboding could have happened: the feeling of being followed, or a strange rustling sound. Instead, it was just straight-forward cutesy crap. Hiking, almost slipping on rocks in a stream, standing on a bridge, staring in the distance, holding hands, blah blah blah. At least temper it with some big action scenes. Almost as obnoxiously pointless was the gratuitous Derek-working-out-without-a-shirt montage.

The vet is obviously the alpha, or at the least, some sort of werewolf. It was so obvious in this episode that it almost felt like a red herring, but I don't think MTV is deep enough to go that route. Kate comes across as a cougar who has been convicted of statutory rape more than once.

Fun Facts

Apparently werewolves are like living, breathing lie detectors. They just concentrate on heart rate and breathing patterns, and they can tell if you are lying. Of course, you can also do that just by being observant.

This episode had not one, but two Vampire Diaries alums in it. The Lockwoods of Mystic Falls now appear as parents in Beacon Hills. Susan Walters, who plays Tyler's mom, is doing double-duty as Lydia's mom. Meanwhile, Robert Pralgo, who played Tyler's dad (he was killed off in season one) now plays Jackson's dad.

Dumbest. Moment. Ever.

Scott makes multiple references to the parent-teacher conference he is supposed to attend, and his mom nearly knocks him senseless when he shows up when the conference is over. But none of the other kids went to their conferences, and none of the parents were expecting their kids to come. What makes Scott so special? Has he reached new depths of failure?


Looks like Jackson has the curse, and Lydia is starting to remember what she saw. Scott finally trusts Derek enough to let him teach him about his lycanthropy, but he runs into problems when he learns that in order to control it, Scott must tap into his rage - rage he doesn't have with Alison around. Aw.