TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.7 - 'Night School'


Teen Wolf Episode 1.7

"Night School"

Written by: Jeff Vlaming

Directed by: Tim Andrew

Original Airdate: 11 July 2011

In This Episode...

We pick up right where last week left off, with Stiles and Scott barricading themselves inside the school as the alpha hunts them. Hiding in a classroom leaves the boys open to attacks through the window (was it just my school that didn't have windows in the classrooms?). Next the boys try the locker room. The janitor catches them and tells them to go home, and he becomes werewolf food. The boys think they have the werewolf outsmarted when they trap it in the boiler room, but the alpha climbs into the ceiling and pulls an Alien. Alison, Lydia, and Jackson show up when Alison gets a text from Scott, telling her it was urgent she come to the school. All the kids find each other in the lobby, and Scott swears he did not send that text. Before he and Alison can argue the point, the werewolf falls through the ceiling.

The kids barricade themselves in a room, and Alison demands answers. Scott says there is a killer on the loose in the school - Derek Hale. He killed the janitor, he killed his sister, and all the other victims attributed to a mountain lion. If they don't get out, "Derek" will kill them too. Lydia calls the cops, who hang up on her; they have been getting prank calls from the school. Stiles calls his dad directly - voicemail. The werewolf claws at the door, so the kids race to a new location: chem lab. From here, they can get to the roof, go down the fire escape, and pile into Jackson's car. The problem? The door is deadbolted. Scott volunteers to retrieve the janitor's keys, and Lydia makes him a self-igniting Molotov cocktail to take for defense.

Scott follows his nose to find the janitor in the gym. Scott is beneath the retractable bleachers when a drop of blood falls from above. Then the werewolf starts retracting the bleachers, threatening to crush Scott. He makes it out - with the keys - in the nick o' time, in a scene that should have been tense but, well, wasn't. In the middle of the gym, the alpha tackles Scott to the ground. Rather than eating him, he lets out a soul-shattering howl and disappears. Scott changes, and Jackson starts to change, but he isn't full wolf yet so he manages to keep the fur in check. Scott is not so lucky, and he creeps down the hall, stalking his prey. Were-Scott turns the key in the lock, but before he can enter the room with his friends, he hears Alison and pictures her. It calms him down and he goes back to human form. Just in time, the police arrive. They cannot find the janitor's body, and the sheriff is not sure he believes Scott's story.

Scott realizes that the alpha didn't kill his friends because it wanted Scott to do it. Scott decides he needs to abandon his "current pack" (Stiles, Alison, Jackson, Lydia) in order to keep him safe. Yet when Alison angrily tells Scott she can't trust him and not to call her, he loses his shit. Then he notices the vet being checked out by the paramedics, and thanking him for saving his life. Poor dumb Scott actually seems to believe that the vet was just an innocent victim after all.

Dig It or Bury It?

I should have loved this episode. I wanted to love this episode. A dark, empty school... a half-dozen teens... a monster on the loose... fabulous movies have been made out of less. But boy, did this episode fall short. This entire episode was one (or more) kids running (or sometimes creeping - you know, to change it up a bit) from the werewolf, and hiding in a room. The werewolf breaks in, and the kid or kids run until they find another room to hole up in. This repeats until the hour is up. You know what would have spiced things up a bit? MORE KILLING!

Also, what public school has an Olympic-sized, indoor swimming pool AND a lap pool? I don't think my high school gym classes ever played anything that required equipment.


So apparently in the Teen Wolf universe, werewolves can unlock doors, make phone calls and send text messages. Unless, of course, it wasn't the alpha doing those things. I want to believe that the show is trying to throw us off the scent - making us think the vet is the alpha, when really he is not, but I honestly don't know if MTV would allow something so close to depth in one of their programs.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

The janitor's death. He shoves the kids out of the locker room (or whatever room they were in) but the werewolf yanks him back so fast the janitor pulls the door closed behind him. Next thing you know, the janitor is up against the frosted glass window, which is quickly filling with blood.

Dumbest. Moment. Ever.

I actually contemplated whether this was a greatest moment or dumbest moment. The werewolf graphics. Is it possible they are getting worse? I actually laughed, it was so bad. It's like there are no physics with the animated werewolf - he doesn't interact or impact his surroundings. It is really hard to be scared of something that looks like it exists in a different dimension.


The full moon is here. Scott worries he will kill someone if not properly chained up. Alison and Jackson don't believe that it was Derek chasing them in the school... and they are getting awfully close.