TV Review: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 1.9 - 'Wolf's Bane'


Teen Wolf Episode 1.9

"Wolf's Bane"

Written By: Jonathon Roessler

Directed By: Tim Andrew

Original Airdate: 25 July 2011

In This Episode...

Mr. Harris, the chemistry teacher, is talking to a shadowy monster, presumably the alpha. He is frightened. Derek comes in and rescues Harris. The police show up, too, which leads to a big chase scene: Derek on foot, being chased by the police, watched (then fired upon) by the Argents, and followed by Scott and Stiles in Derek's car. Derek fills them in: Harris had in his possession what his sister was "working on" before her death. All he has to show for it is a sketch - of Alison's necklace. Later on, when questioned by the police, Harris reveals that years ago, before he sobered up, he had drinks with an unknown woman. This woman plied him for chemistry knowledge - like how to start an untraceable fire. Obviously this woman was Kate. Harris says if you find the owner of that necklace, you will find the arsonist.

Jackson finally gets his wounds looked at. The doctor says he looks fine, but has a curious amount of wolfsbane in his system. A quick internet search, and Jackson figures out that wolfsbane is linked to werewolves and Scott is a werewolf. He gives Scott 72 hours to make him full wolf, or he steals Alison for good.

Scott sneaks in to Alison's room to steal the necklace. On the way out, Mr. Argent catches him and makes him stay to chat. He wants to know how Scott knows Derek Hale. Alison comes home from her jog and overhears Scott insisting that every decision he made the night they were locked in the school was to keep her safe. She starts to soften.

Meanwhile, Stiles has a plan to find out who sent the text message to Alison that night they were locked in the school. He invites his lab partner over for homework, then uses a half-naked Derek as bait to get his gay lab partner to hack into the records. The text message came... from inside the house! No, actually, it came from Mrs. McCall's work computer. Derek and Stiles head to the hospital to investigate, and Stiles goes in to question Derek's uncle Peter. His room is empty, and Derek - still in the car - tells him to run. His uncle is the alpha! Peter corners Stiles, Derek comes in and battles his uncle. When they are both tired, and Derek is broken and bloodied, Peter finally tells him everything.

Dig It or Bury It? 

Action-wise, It was enjoyable. It opened with a great chase scene (though it was a little unnecessary), and the fight between Derek and his uncle was fun (if not a little sophomoric in its direction). Logically, the story lacking. When the "alpha" was talking to Mr. Harris, why was his hand slimy and amphibian? I still don't understand what is going on with Jackson. Even if he is not a werewolf, wolfsbane can have wolfy effects on him? 

I am not crazy about Uncle Peter being the alpha. Sure, it makes "sense." But why would he be at odds with Derek? Why wouldn't Derek know his uncle is the alpha? Peter stated that he killed Laura Hale to become the alpha. Didn't Derek know his sister was the alpha? How could she even be an alpha? Wouldn't that have been something that came up over Thanksgiving dinner?

A Lycanthrope's Tale

At the lacrosse game, Kate notices the huge scratches on Jackson's neck. She questions her brother about them. Chris tells her that "a scratch can cause werewolfism - if it is deep enough." For the love of all that is good n' gory, is Jackson going down the hairy path or not??

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Jackson dumped Lydia by text message: "Please return my house key at your earliest convenience, as I am dumping you." At least the text was polite.


Peter threatens to turn Scott's mom into a werewolf if he doesn't join the pack; Kate wants to train Alison in the family business; and Alison and Peter make up.