TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.1 - 'She's Not There'


True Blood Episode 4.1

"She's Not There"

Written By: Alexander Woo

Directed By: Michael Lehmann

Original Airdate: 26 June 2011

In This Episode...

I think at this point, we have all seen the first eight minutes of the episode. Sookie is in the fairy world and she discovers that the fairies are "harvesting" those with fairy bloodlines to keep the race alive. Sookie discovers grandpa Earl is there and when she stands up to the fairies, they turn evil. Sookie and Earl are helped out by some renegade fairies, and they jump into a bottomless pit. Sookie and Earl land in the cemetery Sookie was taken from last season. Earl ate the glowy fruit in fairy land, so he quickly deteriorates, then turns to dust - but not before giving Sookie a pocketwatch to give to Jason.

Sookie goes home to find a construction crew working. She pushes past them and they call the cops. The officer who answers the call is Jason. It turns out that, though it felt like she was only in fairy world for a few minutes, Sookie was actually gone for over a year. Not being the kind to take off without warning, the general consensus was that Sookie was dead, likely at the fangs of Bill or Eric. Jason sold the house to an investment firm. The bulk of the episode is putting together the pieces of what has happened in the last year.

Arlene had the baby, and Terry loves little Mikey like his own blood, but Arlene is still convinced there is evil in him and it is making her crazier than normal. Andy is hooked on V. Jessica and Hoyt are living together, and things are dysfunctional. They fight a lot, but they make up quickly. Jessica is starting to hunger for blood other than Hoyt's. Sam did indeed shoot Tommy, but just in the leg. The brothers still are not getting along. Tommy is convalescing at Maxine Fortenberry's house, while Sam has joined a "support group" of shifters. Two women and a man, they meet for dinners then go for shifted runs together. It seems to have really mellowed him out.

Also mellowed is Tara. Tara spent the year traveling and seems to have settled down in New Orleans. She is a cage fighter there - an occupation that seems perfect for her - and she is deeply in love with another cage fighter: a beautiful woman named Naomi. Fangtasia is being picketed nearly round the clock. Pam is grouchy as ever, but Eric has been busy. He bought Sookie's house, knowing that she was still alive. "If I own your house, I own you," he explains. Jason is still taking care of the Hotshot kids while Crystal is MIA. But they turn on him, knocking him out and locking him in an ice chest.

Jesus and Lafayette are now living together, and Jesus talks Lafayette into accompanying him to his coven, led by the slightly-crazy Marnie. Lafayette is a little wigged out and it only gets worse when Marnie's prayers for a dead pigeon turn into a resurrection spell. One of the girls in the coven, Katie, reports back to Bill... who is now the King of Louisiana. 

Dig It or Bury It?

I am very excited to have the show essentially back in real time. The fact that the first three seasons only covered a period of about four or five weeks was always aggravating. Plus it is a great way to allow the characters to develop and change in a natural way.

For the most part, it seems that all the characters followed a natural course. Something seemed very off about Eric. He almost seemed hypnotized by Sookie, but I guess that is the taste of fairy blood. Tara switching teams seems very natural for her character after her non-stop bad luck with men, but I worry that True Blood is on its way to becoming The L Word. I think at this point, Sookie and Jason are the only two characters who have not had a homosexual experience of one kind or another.

I'm not so sure how I feel about the witch plot. It can very easily go earthy-hippie or gothy-girly, but I'll give it a chance.

Ass Factor

Light. Some nice Sam butt as he shifts, and a few scenes of girl-on-girl action between Tara and Naomi.

Blood Count

No one ever dies in the first episode. That's like getting homework on the first day of school. The only casualty was the resurrected pigeon - he flew for a few moments before dropping dead for good.


Bill is obviously screwing attorney Portia Bellfleur, Andy's younger sister, who has come back to town. And Sookie will not be happy when she finds out. The witches are going to be trouble... after all, if they can raise the dead....