TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.10 - 'Burning Down the House'


True Blood Episode 4.10

"Burning Down the House"

Written By: Nancy Oliver

Directed By: Lesli Linka Glatter

Original Airdate: 28 August 2011

In This Episode...

In the midst of the bloodbath at the tolerance festival, Bill and Eric are at each other's throats-  literally. Sookie, distraught and unable to stop them, lets loose a massive lightning ball that takes the whole room by surprise. The lightning gives Eric his memory back, and causes Antonia to retreat to Moon Goddess. There, Antonia separates from Marnie. The tolerance festival was a wakeup call to Antonia. She did not mean for there to be so much human bloodshed. She was once a healer, and only turned to necromancy to protect her village. It is Marnie who has the bloodlust, and she coerces Antonia back into her body.

Back at Bill's house, Eric insists that while he remembers everything, he still loves Sookie. Sookie loves him... but she still loves Bill, too. Bill is no longer willing to play by Nan's rules - he wants to blow Marnie and Moon Goddess off the map. With daylight fast approaching, Bill insists that he, Eric, Nan, Pam, and Jessica go to ground at his mansion, still wrapped in silver. They strike when the sun goes down.

Sookie, Jason, Lafayette, and Jesus spend the daylight hours running recon on Moon Goddess. Jesus believes that if he can just get through to Marnie, she can help break the spell. Antonia has a powerful protection spell cast around Moon Goddess, an invisible fence. In order to prove himself, Jesus must make it through this barrier. He does, growing his devilish Brujo face in the barrier. Antonia is impressed and invites him in. Antonia wants Lafayette back so she can tap into his considerable power. Jesus insists on talking to Marnie. When she comes out, he is horrified to discover that this isn't a possession - it is a union, and Marnie is in control. Jesus sends a mind-message to Sookie. She, Lafayette, and Jason run for Moon Goddess. At that time, Holly and Tara had found a spell to bring the barrier down. Antonia realizes what is going on and throws the wall back up. Sookie and Lafayette get sucked inside, while Jason is trapped on the outside.

When night falls, the Vampire Squad moves out. Bill, Eric, Pam and Jess are dressed to kill (literally) and they roll up to Moon Goddess ready to blow shit up.

Also: Tommy dies from his injuries at Marcus's hand. He and Sam make up on his deathbed, then Sam (with Alcide as backup) goes to hunt down Marcus. Alcide will probably want to help Sam kill Marcus because he is putting the moves on a very receptive Debbie. Jason feels incredibly guilty for having sex with Jessica and asks her to glamour him. This offends her deeply. Hoyt is having a difficult time dealing with the breakup and crashes with Jason for a few days, deepening his guilty. Terry and Arlene find Andy's stash of V. Terry takes him out to Fort Bellefleur, a treehouse they built when they were kids. Terry lived there for a year after he got out of the Marines, and he exorcised his demons there. The two work out some shit there, and Andy swears he will never do V again.

Dig It or Bury It?

I'm sorry; did I accidentally flip channels and wander into Twilight? It was so emotional and sappy. My husband likes to remind me that, behind the kinky sex and brutal violence, this is a "chick" show. I refuse to accept that, even though this season has been particularly... girly. Sookie is still trying to figure out how to be in love with two vampires. Jason is dealing with his guilt over falling for his best friend's girl. Terry and Andy get deep with their emotions and delve into their psychological trauma. Sam and Tommy had an almost comically melodramatic goodbye. This episode seemed especially rife with sensitive touchy-feely crap. At least dilute that with some blood n' boobs.

Ass Factor

Didn't you hear? This was a "very special episode." There is no room for nudity when you are trying to tackle issues.

Blood Count

Tommy's death was sappy, but his suffering wasn't. As Alcide is racing to the hospital with a dying Tommy in his front seat, Tommy projectile vomits blood towards the windshield. Then, his whole body convulses and bones break as his body fights an involuntary shift.


Next week, the vampires wage war against the witches. If this season follows the pattern set by previous seasons, all the exciting stuff will happen next week, and the finale will be left as denouement to this season and set-up for next.