TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.11 - 'Soul of Fire'


True Blood Episode 4.11

"Soul of Fire"

Written By: Mark Hudis

Directed By: Michael Lehmann

Original Airdate: 4 September 2011

In This Episode...

Marnie's hostages are getting restless. Lafayette sees Antonia's ghost try to separate herself from Marnie, but she gets sucked back in. Casey tries to rush her, and takes a floating dagger to the stomach. Jesus can feel a weak pulse, and convinces a freaked out Marnie to let him and Lafayette take her into the bathroom to save her life. But Casey is dead as dead can be, and Jesus just used her as an excuse for some privacy. With Lafayette's help and Casey's blood, Jesus works on a dark spell to separate Marnie and Antonia.

The Vampire Squad (Bill, Eric, Pam, and Jessica) is outside, ready to attack when Jason stops them. Sookie is inside, and Eric and Bill soften when he reminds them of all Sookie has done for them. Marnie sends out her vampire attack robots. One is taken care of expediently; the other is threatened with the moosh of the first. She refuses to denounce Antonia, so Bill throws her into the forcefield. Robo-vamp fries in the forcefield, and Marnie reveals that the forcefield is painful to humans but the UV rays make it deadly for vampires. But Marnie is willing to negotiate: she will free Sookie, but both Bill and Eric must kill themselves. They agree - Bill will shoot Eric, then Pam will shoot Bill. Pam flips out, and as Eric kneels before his king, Pam grabs a rocket launcher and fires it at the forcefield. A blue-yellow explosion knocks everyone senseless. Eric is furious that Pam would risk Sookie's life. And Jason is blinded and horribly burned - like a Freddy Kruger level of burn.

Marnie conjures up a vision of the future in Casey's congealing blood, and sees herself with a bullet in her head. She insists her hostages join her in a circle. She meets with resistance, but after insisting that she just wants everyone to leave alive, everyone join in - even Sookie. What Marnie doesn't tell anyone is that she is necromancing the vamps to their deaths via forcefield. Jason - now healed from Jessica's blood - is in a panic, trying to keep the vampires at bay. Sookie hears Jason's frantic thoughts for help, and in a panic, she lets loose a massive dose of fairy lightning, knocking everyone to the ground. Marnie feels betrayed and surrounds Sookie in a huge circle of fire. Sook is paralyzed with fear. Jesus's chanting becomes more frenzied, he is possessed by the brujo spirit, and rips Antonia from Marnie. The fire goes out, the forcefield goes down, and Antonia evaporates peacefully. Eric and Bill storm the castle, and Sookie insists the only danger is Marnie. Ever devoted, Roy says they have to go through him to get to her. Eric does as he requests, and Bill riddles Marnie with bullets.

Elsewhere: Luna goes to Marcus's shop when she finds Emma missing, and is surprised to see Sam there - but not surprised when he tells her Marcus murdered his brother. Marcus had taken Emma to Debbie's house, trying to convince her to run away with them so they can be a family, and Emma can have a "proper werewolf mom." Emma misses her mom and calls her. Alcide recognizes the phone number as his own and they rush over there. Emma is unharmed; Luna takes her outside and listens to Radio Disney with her in the car while the boys do boy things. They find Marcus and Debbie in the bedroom, fully clothed. Alcide is furious that Debbie would cheat on him; Sam and Marcus start brawling. Sam gains the upper hand and chokes him on the floor - but stops short of killing him. Enraged, Marcus jumps up, grabs the gun, and takes aim. Alcide tackles him and in a rage crushes his trachea. He then tells Debbie he never wants to see her again, and he and Sam go downstairs to the girls.

Also: On his way home from Fort Bellfleur, Andy comes upon a beautiful woman who emerges from a ball of lightning - aka a fairy. She is immediately attracted to Andy, but before they can have sex, she insists he "swear to the light" that he will protect her. Her index finger glows, they pull an E.T. and have sex.

As Lafayette and Jesus are settling in to bed, stress and anxiety carrying them to sleep, Lafayette's eyes snap open. Visions of Marnie float above him, and her spirit takes up residence inside Lafayette.

Dig It or Bury It?

Easily the most gripping episode of the season. However, after four seasons, that is what I have come to expect of the second-to-last episode of the season. They always blow their wad, and the season finale ends up feeling like the day after a big party: you're tired, a little hung over, and tasked with cleaning up when you just want a nap. But with Lafayette's new stowaway, at least they will have something to do next week.

Blood Count

The southern fried vampire was pretty good, but kill o' the week goes to Eric. Not only does he rip Roy's heart out of his chest to get to Marnie, he throws the corpse aside, then stares Marnie in the eye as he sips from the ventricle, then tosses the heart over his shoulder like last week's newspaper.

Biting Humor

Tonight's episode was rampant with great one-liners. Among them:

Pam (in regards to Sookie): "Holy shit, don't tell me you guys are risking our entire race for a gash in a sundress."

Lafayette, when he sees Antonia trying to separate from Marnie: "Marnie just puked a bitch out."

Tara to Roy, for following Marnie blindly: "Fuck you, Uncle Tom. Yeah, I said it."


Next week, "your past will come back to haunt you." It is the Witches New Year, the day when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest. So... fireworks and a BBQ?