TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.12 - 'And When I Die'


True Blood Episode 4.12

"And When I Die"

Written By: Raelle Tucker

Directed By: Scott Winant

Original Airdate: 11 September 2011

In This Episode...

It's Halloween. Samhain. The time when "the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest."

Jesus senses it is Marnie now residing in his boyfriend. She ties him up and demands the brujo from him. Jesus fights it until Marnie starts cutting up Lafayette's body. He gives in, chants, and goes brujo. Marnie stabs him, licks his blood from the knife, and turns herself brujo. Tara comes by to find Jesus dead and Lafayette missing. She (somehow) figures out that Marnie has possessed Lafayette, and collects Sookie and Holly to go after him. The three find Marnie/Lafayette (somehow) at Bill's mansion. His guards are dead, and Bill and Eric are chained up with silver, back-to-back on pyre. Tara distracts Marnie while Holly draws a circle of salt and begins to chant. Marnie manages to light the pyre on fire before the girls get the protection spell up and running. Brujo-Marnie is stuck outside the circle while spirits rise from the cemetery.

Among those spirits are Antonia and Adele. Adele rips Marnie from Lafayette's body while Antonia talks some sense into her. The argument that finally allows to move on is that, once on the other side, Antonia promises Marnie will be at peace, while the vampires are doomed to walk the earth forever. Marnie goes with the spirits, who slowly blink out of existence. Another familiar spirit made a surprise visit: Renee. He has a message for a terrified Arlene: Terry will bring trouble. He has met the ghosts of Terry's past, and no good can come of it. Of course, it could have something to do with the old army buddy who Terry thought was dead, but stops by Merlotte's for a drink with him.

After freeing Eric and Bill from the pyre, Sookie allows them each to feed off a wrist. They behave themselves and stop when she tells them to. With both men healthy, she admits she loves both of them, she and Bill make up, but she says she can't choose between them - so she chooses neither. Outside, she cries, and later, Alcide hits on her. Jason finally tells Hoyt that he slept with Jessica. Hoyt is pissed, and beats the crap out of him. Jessica is later proud when Jason promises that he didn't lay a hand on Hoyt. She tells Jason that she doesn't want to be exclusive yet - she has some oats to sow. Jason is disappointed but understands. Sam buries Tommy, and Maxine tells Sam that Tommy was family to her, so that means Sam is also like family. Jesus's ghost visits a despondent Lafayette, who is resting at Sookie's house. He tells Lafayette he is okay with how he died and promises that since Lafayette is a medium, he will always be with him. Andy begins courting Holly again. She is a bit nervous, and he understands. Andy promises that he is clean, and he just wants to be good to someone. They hug as friends. Nan confronts Bill and Eric. She has left the AVN and was fired from the Authority and wants Bill and Eric to join her in mutiny. She threatens their "fairy waitress" and the two of them take out Nan and her "gay stormtroopers." 

So what cliffhangers are we left with? Arguably, the biggest is Sookie and Tara. Debbie breaks into Sookie's house, back to her old trashy, strung-out self. In a jealous rage she fires a shotgun at Sookie, but Tara tackles her and takes the shot to the head instead of Sookie. Furious, Sookie tackles Debbie to the ground, shotgun now pressed to her head. Though she hesitates, she blows off Debbie's head, then holds Tara in her arms, wailing for help.


  • Alcide gets a call from one of his construction foremen. There is a hole in one of their cement parking lots, silver chains left behind that once held Russell Edgington. 
  • Jason has a late-night visitor: Reverend Steve Newlin (from the anti-vamp church). Steve is sporting a shiny pair of vampire fangs.
  • Sam says goodnight to Luna, then turns to find he is face-to-face with a werewolf (gee, the pack wants revenge for Marcus's death? Shocking).

Dig It or Bury It?

This finale followed in line with previous season finales: it had some exciting moments scattered throughout, but was largely clean-up and setting up season five. This episode really pulled it together in the last few minutes. I am not surprised that Tara was shot. Sad, but not surprised. This being Bon Temps, Tara will definitely be back next season. Maybe Bill and/or Eric save her; maybe she is just a ghost hanging out with Lafayette.

Like with an Apple product announcement, I kept waiting for that "one last thing." In some cases, I got it (Jason) and in some, I didn't (Holly and Andy). The biggest pisser of the finale? Nothing happened with the damn fairy storyline. The season opens with a major fairytale, has a couple brief fairy encounters throughout the season, and then just goes nowhere in favor of the witch storyline. I was not really on board with the fairy crap to begin with, and this cocktease of a storyline is really starting to piss me off. 

Ass Factor

I called it! Jessica got naked! Granted, you couldn't see nipple, but she was basically naked. Well, except for her Little Red Riding Hood cape. Jess makes one hot Red Riding Hood.

Blood Count

All other kills are irrelevant to the Nan kill.In one fell swoop, Eric beheads all three of her guards while Bill stakes her. There are heads rolling about, there are tremendous splatters of blood, there are puddles of goo. Bill gets extra credit for being covered in Nan's splattered blood and yelling, "We are not fucking puppy dogs!"

Biting Humor

Pam misses Eric and is throwing a temper tantrum in front of the Fangtasia bartender. "I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her stupid name."

Sam introduces Emma to Arlene's kids (her daughter, Lucy, is dressed like one of the girls from MTV's Teen Mom - season two). When Arlene asks Emma what she is, Emma doesn't realize she is asking about her costume. "I'm either gonna be a shapeshifter like my mommy or a werewolf like my daddy. He's dead." Arlene is surprised by her matter-of-fact statement, and backs away with an "Alrighty then."


The theme of tonight's finale may as well have been "Old Friends" or "A Visit From the Past" or some cheesy prom-theme like that. Does that mean season five will be a big reunion?