TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.3 - 'If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?'


True Blood Episode 4.3

"If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?"

Written By: Alan Ball

Directed By: David Petrarca

Original Airdate: 10 July 2011

In This Episode...

Eric is in a weird comatose/amnesic state when Sookie finds him. He knows what he is, just not who he is. Sookie reluctantly agrees to help him through... whatever this is. Eric is thankful and promises he won't eat her. She calls Pam to let her know where Eric is, and Pam is there in an instant. Pam approaches the situation in her typically abrasive way, and Eric throws Pam back in defense of Sookie. Sookie wants to go to Bill, but Pam believes that Bill is the one who set Eric up to be... whatever. Sookie agrees to watch him until he is "fixed" but wants compensation.

Sookie uses Eric as an excuse to go see Alcide, who is doing well for himself overseeing construction of a new housing development. Debbie has gotten sober and the two are living together - something that disappoints Sookie. She decides it is not Alcide's responsibility to help with Eric. That night, Sookie returns home with some Tru Blood, but finds Eric is already gone. She sits down to read and is visited by Claudette, who wants Sookie to come back to fairy world. She reveals that she has been with Sookie since the beginning (i.e. episode one) but it wasn't safe to reveal herself until now. Yeah, a likely excuse. Eric pops up out of nowhere and drains Claudette dry.

Lafayette is traumatized by Eric's appearance in the coven, and wants to go beg forgiveness from Eric so that he doesn't torture him again. Tara and Jesus calm him down, and Tara asks Sookie to speak to Eric - Sookie assures her Eric won't be a problem to anyone. Even so, Lafayette sneaks off to Fangtasia. Rather than finding Eric, he finds a pissed-off Pam who beats the crap out of him until Tara and Jesus barge in with weapons. She lets Lafayette go, but tells them they have 24 hours to fix Eric, or "I will eat, fuck, and kill all three of you."

Jason is alive, but barely. His wounds are infected, and crazy Crystal is rubbing some kind of spackle over him, and Fenton insinuates that as soon as Jason knocks up Crystal, he is going to kill him. She fed him a Viagra "just in case." When Jason comes to later, he finds Crystal raping him while the girls of Hotshot watch. 

Also: Tommy goes to Sam with a plan to scam money out of Maxine - buying her house for nothing, then selling the natural gas lease rights to a door-to-door salesman. Sam is horrified that Tommy would do that to the woman who treats him like her own, and the feud between the two resumes. I'm pretty sure that whole natural gas thing is a scam, anyway. Jess goes to Bill for advice. He is happy to help her, but tells her she must tell Hoyt of her indiscretion. She does, Hoyt flips out, and in a panic Jessica glamours the thoughts right out of him. She now feels even guiltier. Marnie has no memory of what happened at the coven meeting, but cast spells to figure it out. Andy is hooked on V and in bad shape, while his sister, Portia, has started a "business-with-benefits" relationship with Bill.

Dig It or Bury It?

I feel like episode three is where the season really starts to pick up, but I still do not like Marnie. She is weird in an annoying way, and she hasn't really had enough screen time to establish anything about her. She's a witch. She is powerful when witching; flighty when not, and neither is particularly interesting. Similarly, I am not sure how long Amnesia Eric will be interesting. I like him cruel and conniving. Now he's just some big dumb blonde. It does lend itself to some delightful, almost screwball comedy. Seeing Eric in some of Jason's old clothes was priceless.

Ass Factor 

Bill fucks Portia in his chair, and Crystal rapes Jason - with an audience, no less. 

Biting Humor

A conversation between Eric and Sookie in his cubby: "Are you mine?" "No." "Do you belong to another?" "No." "Do you want to be mine?" "No!" As she climbs the ladder out of the cubby, Eric tries to sneak a peek up her shorts.


I'm still waiting for Gary Cole to come back. You don't hire him to kill off in the first episode and not bring him back.