TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.4 - 'I'm Alive and On Fire'

True Blood Episode 4.4

"I'm Alive and On Fire"

Written By: Nancy Oliver

Directed By: Michael Lehmann

Original Airdate: 17 July 2011

In This Episode...

Eric, drunk off Claudette's blood, pinches Sookie's butt and runs off into the woods. He has not returned by morning, so Sookie calls Alcide to help track him down. He is swimming in the swamp and doesn't want to come home. The fairy blood wears off, his skin starts to blister, and he finally allows Sookie to cover him up and help him home. She puts him down for a nap. When evening returns, she goes into his cubby to check on him. He is depressed, but says that kissing her will make him feel better. She seems tempted, but Eric hears the doorbell ring upstairs. It is Bill, and Sookie is happy to see him. No one has seen or heard from Eric, and minions have searched all Eric's land holdings - except for Sookie's house. He insists that he be allowed in, and pushes his way through the door forcefully. He stops, thinks about it, and changes his mind.

Jason is still tied up in Hot Shot, and he is now the fuck toy of every woman there. It is Becky's turn next, and she admits she has never had sex. Jason gently talks her out of sex and into cutting him loose. He doesn't get much of a head start before Fenton realizes that Becky helped him escape. Fenton shifts and chases after him. Jason hides in a tree with a branch he whittled into a spear. When he sees the panther beneath him, Jason jumps out of the tree and stabs Fenton. Fenton shifts back to human, and is dead. Crystal is a few paces behind. When she sees dead Fenton, she shifts into human form, gleeful that she is now "big momma kitty" and she and Jason can be together. Jason threatens her with the bloodied spear and takes off. "I will wait for you at the full moon," she shouts after him. As night falls, Jason is in bad shape. He collapses along the highway. Luckily Jessica and Hoyt are driving by. Jess jumps out and feeds Jason.

Jesus, Lafayette, and Tara are with Marnie, trying to get her to figure out a spell that will turn Eric back to normal and get Pam off their backs. Marnie is distraught because she didn't cast the spell - she was possessed by a Spanish witch from the 1600s. A book throws itself off the shelf, and Marnie finds a spell she thinks will work. The quartet meet Pam in the woods for the spell. Pam gets frustrated with Marnie's witchy shit and gets in her face. The Spanish witch takes hold of Marnie. Pam's skin blisters and rots. She runs off and Marnie collapses.

Also: Terry is caring for Mikey while Arlene and the girls sleep. He leave Mikey to play while he gets the laundry, and returns to find "baby not yours" scrawled on the wall in red marker - a marker that Mikey is happily chewing on. Bill visits Portia's grandmother. They discuss Bon Temps history and family trees, and Bill finds out that Portia is his great-great-great granddaughter (there might have been another great or two in there). Tommy returns to birth mother Melinda and is pleased to find she left Joe Lee. But it was all a ruse, and Joe Lee sneaks up behind Tommy and wraps a chain around his throat. "Boy, you done breathed your last free breath," he snarls. Sam pays Luna a surprise visit and discovers she has a vivacious daughter, Emma, who takes an immediate liking to Sam. Emma's father is an insanely jealous werewolf, who Luna always fears is watching them.

Dig It or Bury It?

Things just get more and more disturbing. There is incest abound, and an I Spit on Your Grave scenario in the making. I don't want Jason to turn into a werepanther. He is one of the last remaining humans in Bon Temps. Eric's whole amnesia-regression-thing is a little unsettling and is growing annoying. Meanwhile, I don't really know why Mikey would write "Baby not yours" on the wall. Terry already knows that the baby is Rene's. "Baby not good" may have been more appropriate.

This season feels choppy. I've always liked that the show bounces from storyline to storyline, but this season - punctuated by tonight's episode - feels especially disjointed. The storylines don't feel like they intertwine as much as they used to, and it feels like the scenes are cut shorter and switch more frequently.

Ass Factor

There was a fair amount of shifting in this episode, so we got a bare butt from Fenton, bare tits from Crystal, and happy trail on Alcide that I swear I thought would go the full monty. The only sex in this episode was Jason's rape, and that was decidedly un-sexy.

Blood Count

Not much blood, either. But Pam's scene was quite special. Her skin blistered, bubbled, and rotted. In horror, Pam reaches up to feel what is happening (after all, there are no mirrors in the woods), and discovers that her fingers go right into her skin. Deeper they go, a thick swath of skin peeling away from the muscle below. So now I guess we have zombies in Bon Temps.


Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus think that Marnie is fucking with them. Zombie Pam thinks they need to bring in some muscle to deal with the witch situation. The werewolf pack leader pays Alcide a visit. Godric returns - in a dream sequence, of course.