TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.5 - 'Me and the Devil'


True Blood Episode 4.5

"Me and the Devil"

Written By: Mark Hudis

Directed By: Daniel Minahan

Original Airdate: 24 July 2011

In This Episode...

Sookie pays Marnie a visit, hoping to get some insight into what the coven did to Eric. She requests a psychic reading, during which Marnie contacts Gran. Gran tells Sookie - through Marnie - that she needs to care for her brother and not to give this "new man" her heart. Surprised, Sookie can't help but read Marnie's thoughts, and she hears Gran warning her to get the hell away from Marnie - that she is dangerous.

Bill sends Katie and some of his super soldiers to kidnap Marnie. In Bill's super-secure, high-tech underground prison, he questions Marnie about the spells she placed on Eric and Pam. Marnie swears she has no idea - she was possessed and doesn't remember a thing. Bill glamours her and gets the same story - much to Pam's chagrin.

Lafayette and Jesus decide they need to get the hell out of Bon Temps. They head down to Mexico to live with Jesus's grandfather, a powerful shaman. They don't get along. At age 9, grandpa gave Jesus a gift of a pet goat - then made Jesus sacrifice the goat and lick its blood. Rather than be traumatized, Jesus felt a power like he had never experienced. His mother took him away that same night, and he hasn't seen grandpa since. Obviously, that's some black magic right there. Tara is invited to come along, but she decides instead to go back to New Orleans. She calls Naomi to tell her she is coming home, but gets a frosty response. Naomi found paperwork in Tara's real name. Tara goes to Sookie's house to tell her about her new lady friend and commiserate over love and lies. Sookie gets nervous as the sun goes down, and sure enough, Eric comes out of his cubby, and scares the shit out of Tara. Screaming ensues, with Sookie desperately trying to explain. Tara rattles off all the horrible things Eric has done to Sookie, then runs. Eric is horrified to learn what he has done, and takes his leave. Sookie stops him, tells him she wants him to stay. They kiss passionately.

Also: Tommy fakes unconsciousness to turn the tables on Joe Lee. The two fight, and Tommy bludgeons his father to death. His mom gets caught in the middle, and is killed accidentally. Sam helps Tommy dispose of the bodies in the swamp. Terry and Arlene have their house exorcised by Reverend Daniels and Lettie May, who is now his wife. Despite sharing a bloodline, Portia still wants to continue fucking Bill, but he simply won't have it, and glamours her into fearing him. Later, Bill convenes the remaining Louisiana sheriffs to figure out what to do with the witch, and Pam accidentally reveals Eric's location and condition. Jessica's blood heals Jason quickly, but now he is having dirty dreams about her - and Hoyt keeps popping up in them. Marcus, the Shreveport packmaster pays Alcide a visit, upset that he hasn't registered with the pack yet. Alcide respectfully, but forcefully, declines.

Dig It or Bury It?

Informationally, this was a great episode. We got lots of juicy tidbits, and learned a lot more about Marnie, the witches, and the historical significance. I'm a nerd - I like that kind of stuff. But there was no real action, and no sex. Hallmarks that I have come to expect from True Blood. The whole season has been like this, but I have chosen to believe that this means that shit is going to get ca-ray-zee. Regardless, I like the story progression so far.

Myths Revamped

Vampires have infiltrated every powerful organization throughout history - including the Catholic church. During the Spanish Inquisition, a sorceress named Antonia was burned at the stake. She was a necromancer, and as her revenge, she summoned all the vampires in a 20 mile radius to her. Being daylight, they all burned. Antonia was the witch who kept possessing Marnie.

Biting Humor

When Pam pays Bill a visit to again request no leniency for the witch, she is dressed in mourning clothes, including a wide-brimmed had with long lace veil. "Oh good. The world needs more beekeepers," Bill comments dryly. 

Eric has a nightmare that Godric called him evil and forced him to eat Sookie. Like a frightened child, he crawls into be to be comforted by her. "Am I evil?" he asks. "Well, you're not Gandhi. But you're not evil."


Bill arrests Eric at Sookie's home, and later suggests the true death for him. I suspect he interrupts them having sex.