TV Review: 'True Blood' Episode 4.6 - 'I Wish I Was the Moon'


True Blood Episode 4.6

"I Wish I Was the Moon"

Written By: Raelle Tucker

Directed By: Jeremy Podeswa

Original Airdate: 31 July 2011

In This Episode...

Like an angry father, Bill bursts in on Sookie and Eric, half-naked and fooling around on her couch. The boys fight and Eric gets the upper hand, but when Sookie informs him that Bill is his king, Eric drops his weapon and bows. Eric doesn't resist when he is taken prisoner, and Bill instructs his guards to arrest Sookie for trespassing if she comes on his land. Eric is thrown in a cell with Pam - even more decayed - and is left to await sentencing. Bill receives approval from the authority and takes Eric outside to give him the true death. Eric takes his punishment willingly. He is ashamed of his evil vampire past, and understands that he is a threat to vampire-kind. He requests that Pam be set free - at the rate of her decay, she can't be much of a threat - and asks Bill to tell Sookie that his life truly began when she rescued him, and she taught him what true love is. He saw in Sookie's eyes that she still loves Bill, and he hopes that they can find their way back to each other. "She deserves love, from whoever will give it to her."

Last week's spontaneous combustion of matches in Arlene and Terry's bedroom sets the whole house on fire. Arlene can't find Mikey, but Terry carries her out, promising to go back for him. Outside, the house explodes, but Mikey is safe. Arlene's other kids found him on the front lawn when they ran from the house. He was playing with that doll. As Arlene clutches him, a lovely young black woman in 1950s garb smiles and waves at him. He smiles back, and the woman is gone.

While Sam is busy with Terry and Arlene's disaster (remember, they were living in his rental property), he sends Tommy open up the bar. Tommy, depressed since killing his parents, is getting dressed when he starts to shift involuntarily. He becomes Sam. At the bar, "Sam" is pretty cocky about his new shape. He fires Sookie, bosses around the busboys, and flirts with the female patrons. When Luna comes over and throws herself at "Sam," he doesn't correct her. They have sex, but afterwards, when Tommy can start to feel himself shifting back, he rudely throws Luna out of the house. His bones crack as he shifts. By the time Sam comes home, Tommy is back to his own shape, passed out in a pool of his own vomit.

Down in Mexico, neither Lafayette nor Jesus are having a particularly good time in grandpa's hovel. He begrudgingly tells them he might help them - but first they must bring him a sacrifice. Out on the plains, the boys wait for an animal to come to them. The lucky animal is a rattlesnake. Jesus brings it in to grandpa, who chants, cuts his arm open, takes the rattler, makes it bite Jesus on the cheek, then tosses it into the fire. "Take care of him," he tells Lafayette and leaves. With Jesus dying in his arms, Lafayette is freaking out. A flash of light, and a ghostly apparition of an old man - identified as Tio Luca - possesses Lafayette. He chants, and cures Jesus.

Marnie, still imprisoned, is going a little crazy. Well, crazier. She is cutting herself and chanting. She has visions of Antonia being raped, being fang-raped, being burned at the stake... and taking her revenge on the vampires. Marnie wakes, sees Antonia in her cell, and is possessed by her. Luis sees her creepy, Aphex Twin-like smile on the security camera, and goes downstairs to rough her up. But Marnie is now fully channeling Antonia who, with a flick of the wrist, makes Luis docile.

Also: Naomi comes to Bon Temps to talk to Tara. She is furious and her first reaction - even after hearing Tara's story - is to leave. But she can't, and they have crazy makeup sex. Debbie joins Marcus's pack, and Alcide comes along, begrudgingly. Sookie spends most of the episode consoling Jason, who fears he will turn into a werepanther (he doesn't). He runs off into the woods, fearful that he will kill her if he changes, and comes across Jessica, who felt his fear and came to check on him. They hang out together until they realize that if they spend much more time under the full moon, they were going to start having sex (they don't). While Sookie is out looking for him, she is instead found by Eric. Bill let him go.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a good episode, but not a great episode. There was nothing particularly special or stand-out tonight. I did like the near-continual joking by Sookie that she "barely knew any regular humans anymore." Off the top of my head, I think we are left with Jason, Andy, Tara, Arlene and Terry who are still human. 

Biting Humor

While looking for Jason in the woods, Sookie comes across Debbie and Alcide, and she asks them if werepanthers are anything like werewolves. Debbie is offended by the comparison between of the two species. "Sorry, it's hard to remember which of y'all supernaturals hate each other," she apologizes.

Ass Factor

We have a little bit of Sam-ass and a few seconds of Luna-tits, but the highlight tonight is, of course, when Eric and Sookie finally fuck. Wait, no, it wasn't really fucking. It was "making love" (I hate that term). It was tender and sexy, with the surreally beautiful forest scenery and oversized full moon above.

Myths Revamped

According to Debbie and Alcide, a were-anything cannot be made; it is a hereditary trait. A human cannot become a werewolf, a werepanther, or any other were-creature.


Antonia has returned with a message: she wants all vampires to meet the sun. Tara decides that witches are the lesser of two evils, and sides with them to bring down the vampires.