TV Review: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 303 - 'The End of the Affair'

The Vampire Diaries Episode 303

"The End of the Affair"

Written By: Caroline Dries

Directed By: Chris Grismer

Original Airdate: 29 September 2011

In This Episode...

Katherine has a lead on Stefan: he is hitting his old stomping grounds in Chicago. Damon collects Elena and they head to Stefan's old apartment. Empty for decades, Damon shows Elena Stefan's "list." Inside his secret bootleg cupboard, hundreds of names are scratched on the wall. His list of victims. Damon insists she stay put while he visits Stefan's old haunts.

Stefan and Klaus visit Gloria's bar. Between flashbacks and the present, we learn a little more about the guys and what they are doing here. First, Gloria is the most powerful witch that Klaus knows. Her bar was once a 1920s speakeasy in which she was the singer (her witchcraft has stalled the aging process phenomenally). Back then, which Stefan was the Ripper, he was the king of the town. Everyone knew him. He met a beautiful blonde, Rebecca, and they fell for each other. Rebecca, it turns out, is Klaus's sister (back then, Klaus went by the name Nick). The three of them were inseparable; Klaus considered Stefan his brother. The club gets shot up with wooden bullets (how those wooden bullets made it through solid walls is one of those mysteries I try not to over think), and it is time for Klaus and Rebecca to run again. He compels Stefan into forgetting both of them until such time as he un-compels him. When Klaus goes to collect his sister, she refuses to go, choosing Stefan over her brother. Infuriated, Klaus stabs Rebecca.

Stefan is a little disturbed by the fact that he used to know Klaus, but doesn't remember. To prove it, Klaus takes Stefan back to his old apartment to show him his kill list. Elena, still at the apartment, panics and hides in the bootleg closet. The boys come in and all Elena can do is huddle in the corner and hope. Klaus doesn't look in the closet, but Stefan does. He sees her, but says nothing. 

Back at the bar, Gloria agrees to help Klaus with his hybrid woes. She must speak to the original witch, and the only one who knows where she is is Rebecca. Damon makes an appearance at the bar. Klaus is plastered, and Stefan excuses himself when he sees his brother. Stefan goes outside and visits with Elena while Damon talks to Klaus. Elena and Stefan embrace awkwardly, and she once again begs him to come home. He, once again, refuses. She attempts to inject him with vervane, but he catches her and becomes enraged. It seems like this time, Elena finally believes him when he says he never wants to see her again. Back in the bar, Klaus is not happy to see Damon, and Damon tells him to just let Stefan go, and he will never have to see him again. Klaus doesn't take too kindly to that and grabs Damon by the throat. Fighting ensues, and as Klaus is about to stake Damon, Gloria appears and burns the stake to ash. "Take it outside," she admonishes. 

Damon collects Elena and leaves, while Klaus and Stefan go to find Rebecca. Luckily her coffin is nearby, so the boys unstake her. Once back to life, the first thing she does is stake Klaus. Obviously, it doesn't kill him, but she is just mad at him for doing it to her first. She is pleased at her present, Stefan, and Klaus breaks Stefan's compulsion. He remembers both of them, and is pleased to see them. Is this how Klaus rids Stefan of his last bit of humanity? Now that she is awake, Rebecca needs her magic necklace to get in touch with the O.G. witch - but it is gone. She lost it in the speakeasy the night she "died." Katherine was also there that night (with a cute bob haircut). My CW affiliate had some picture issues, so I am unsure what happened with the necklace, but I think it may be the necklace that Stefan gave Elena. 

Also: Bill has kidnapped Caroline in a misguided attempt to "cure" her of her vampirism. He takes her ring and tortures her with sunlight, trying to associate her desire for blood with excruciating pain. Much like those morons who believe that homosexuality is something that can be "cured," Bill's torture doesn't work. Sheriff Forbes and Tyler rescue her, and her mom explains that (also like homophobia) her dad's views on vampires have been ingrained in his family for generations. Sheriff promises to keep her daughter safe.

Dig It or Bury It?

Is it a little pathetic that my local CW affiliate had 40 seconds of black during the last act, and I nearly lost my mind? It was just a good episode - I was really invested. First off, I am a sucker for that 1920s vibe. Second, I feel like we got more depth to the characters - something that then just opens new mysteries. Now that Stefan remembers Klaus and Rebecca, will he lose his last shred of humanity? Who is Klaus running from? Will Elena finally give in and sleep with Damon? What is Katherine's newest scheme?

Blood Lust

In flashback, Stefan and Rebecca are both feeding on a pretty young flapper, one on either side of her neck. After several long drinks, the two exchange passionate, bloody kisses over the prone flapper's body. Now that's a threesome.

Sibling Rivalry

Stefan is not happy to see his brother. Again. "One minute you are killing Andi, the next you are saving my life," says Damon in an attempt to figure out where Stefan's allegiance lies. Stefan just wants Damon - and Elena - to get the hell away from him.

Devilishly Charming

It's 6am. Elena is still asleep, but fitful. She tosses, she turns, she rolls over and snuggles up to... Damon. She freaks out when she realizes he is in her bed; he of course just did it to be, well, Damon. She yells and tells him to get the hell out. "Fine, don't come with me to get Stefan." She changes her tune in a hurry.

Stefan has a decent line tonight: "Why do I only know you as the hybrid dick who sacrificed my girlfriend on an altar?" Yeah... tonight wasn't exactly a funny episode.


Damon and Elena fight (what a shock), Katherine teams up with Stefan, and Bonnie comes back to town.