Twitch Movie Review - Dead Snow


t has been an odd experience tracking the post-Sundance coverage of Tommy Wirkola's Norwegian zombie picture Dead Snow, with more than one review offering criticisms along the lines of "If you take away the snow and the Nazis then it's just another zombie film." Well, yeah, and if you take away the Force and the space ships then Star Wars is just a film about a whiny kid with daddy issues. Does it really make sense to make a film into something other than what it is so that you can then offer up criticisms for what it's not? No, the question people should be asking is whether Wirkola's film works on its own terms, whether or not it's a good zombie film. And the answer to that is a resounding yes. Dead Snow is easily the best and most entertaining zombie picture since Spanish offering [REC] and just misses making the top five of the past decade.

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