Twitch Movie Review - Dream Home


Cheng Lai Sheung (Josie Ho) has a dream. One day she wants to buy a luxury apartment with a harbour view. She knows exactly which one she wants and has been saving her whole life to get it. Property has always been an issue in her family. Like many working class families in Hong Kong, she grew up in small cramped lodgings, sharing a room with her younger brother. She works two jobs and never allows herself to spend frivolously, even if it means missing out on trips with her friends and colleagues. Her only release is a secret affair with a married businessman (Eason Chan), but their brief rendezvous in love hotels offer little in the way of real pleasure or romance. When the opportunity finally arises to secure the purchase of her dream home, Sheung will do whatever it takes to ensure the deal goes through - even if that means killing for it!

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