Twitch Movie Review - Trick 'r Treat


TRT marks the directorial debut of Mark Dougherty who cut his teeth co-writing the scripts for X2 and Superman Returns. Taking his love of anthology horror films like Creepshow and Tales of the Crypt Dougherty offers us his own interpretation weaving together four tales of horror in a small American town (hello Vancouver and surrounding area) on Halloween night. A school principal (Dylan Baker) laments the loss of Halloween traditions with one of his students. A young woman (Anna Paquin) dressed as Little Red Riding Hood looks for a date for a party in the woods. A prank goes too far and the pranksters discover the horrifying truth behind an urban legend of a school bus massacre. And cranky Mr. Kreeg (Brian Cox) is visited by a strange trick-or-treater, Sam, a new icon for Halloween horror films.

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