Twitch - 'Piranhaconda' Movie Review


Out of all the screeners this is the only one that came unfinished. Which has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage. From a reviewer standpoint you appreciate how much difference sound makes for a film. Because there was no musical score and little to no creature effects. You also appreciate visual effects. Even crappy ones. Disadvantages? What the fuck is going on? Half the dialogue drops out so I was left putting pieces of the puzzle together. It is just an odd move to make because if IMDB is correct (and when have they ever been wrong?) this thing has been in the can since 2011. Is it because Corman is attached to it? Is it because Sharktopus was such a rip-roaring success that they're afraid I am going to upload this bad boy onto the interweb? You don't have to worry about me SyFy. I'm just smart enough to turn my computer on most mornings. At least the Piranhaconda effects were mostly included.


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