'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 302 - 'The Hybrid'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 302

"The Hybrid"

Written By: Al Septien & Turi Meyer

Directed By: Josh Butler

Original Airdate: 22 September 2011

In This Episode...

Tonight is the full moon. Elena will not give up on Stefan. She had Sheriff Forbes trace the call from him to Tennessee, then had Tyler show her where in Tennessee they would most likely be hunting werewolves. She talks Alaric into accompanying her by threatening that she is going with or without him and the two head off to the Smoky Mountains. Damon surprises them - but not a good surprise. Ric called him for backup; Elena sees it as Ric selling her out.

Stefan and Klaus have carried Ray's unconscious body to a werewolf campground. Klaus's reputation precedes him - they have all heard of the hybrid. Klaus is there to turn them and create his own little army of hybrids. Ray is already undergoing the change, but something is wrong. He goes a little crazy and bites Stefan and runs off. Klaus sends Stefan after Ray, promising him the anecdote when he returns with his prey. He stays behind to help the werewolves through the transition process. But something is going wrong....

Ray comes across Damon, Elena, and Alaric in the woods. He sniffs out the vampire in Damon and attacks. They neutralize him with a wolfsbane grenade, and tie him to a tree. He starts his transformation before nightfall and Elena is spooked - she finally agrees it is time to go home. Ray breaks free and gives chase. Elena trips (because she is a girl and this is a chase) and comes nose-to-snout with a werewolf. Damon lures him away from her, and Ric forces Elena to continue on without Damon. They go hide in the car.

Damon shakes the werewolf, but isn't safe for long. It's not clear if the wolf was anyone we knew, but it wasn't Ray. He attacks Damon - still human (kind of) - and the two fight violently. Suddenly, Ray drops, and Stefan is there, standing behind him, heart in his hand. In contrast to his gesture, Stefan insists that Damon stop following him and just forget about him. Damon makes it back to the car and hurries Elena and Ric out of there. Stefan is watching from the trees and Damon doesn't want Elena to see him. Later that night, Elena finds Damon waiting for her in her room. He hates to admit it, but Stefan proved tonight that he was not yet beyond redemption.

Back at the camp, Stefan discovers a despondent Klaus amongst a dozen bodies. Every one of them turned rabid and had to be killed. Stefan delivers Ray's corpse - he had to do the same. Klaus can't imagine what went wrong - he followed the instructions for hybrid creation exactly. Then it dawns on him that there is one part of the ritual he can't be sure was completed: the killing of the doppelganger. He says nothing to Stefan, but Stefan sees it in his eyes. He gives Stefan his blood to cure his wolf bite.

Back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy has done some research on reaching out to the dead, and discovers it works best when done by a family member, using personal objects of the deceased. Matt goes back and forth on his willingness to help - he is still grieving Vicky's death. He finally agrees and brings some belongings over to Jeremy's house. Vicky appears without him having to do anything at all and begs Jeremy to bring her back. A glass door shattered, and Vicky is replaced by Anna. "Don't trust her," she insists.

Mrs. Lockwood calls in a man named Bill to help her deal with the Caroline "problem." Tyler discovers that his mother laced his coffee with vervane. When he confronts her, she tells him she was worried about all the time he was spending with Caroline, "the monster." Tyler is offended by this, and while he promises his mom he is not a vampire, he is a different monster. He drags her down to the crypt and makes her watch as he goes through his transformation. In the morning, Tyler wakes to see his mom still sitting there, tears in her eyes. She promises to protect Caroline. She later calls Bill, who tries to reassure Carol that what they are doing is right. "My family has been hunting monsters like her for 150 years." Caroline, meanwhile, is locked in some sort of dungeon. Bill enters, and Caroline brightens - "Hi daddy!"

Dig It or Bury It?

Oh Vampire Diaries, I heart you. This episode seemed to go fast. Naturally, my favorite part was with Klaus and the werewolves in the woods. While transitioning, the werewolves were kind of like zombies or drug addicts: vacant eyes, pale skin, the shakes, and bloody tears. I love the direction that Tyler is going in - he just seems so much less obnoxious than he did previously. Bill being Caroline's father was painfully obvious.

And where the hell is Bonnie anyway? She's not running away and joining The Secret Circle, is she?

Sibling Rivalry

After Stefan saves Damon's life, Damon admits to Elena that he was wrong. Stefan is not okay, but he is also not unredeemable. "Even in his darkest place, my brother can't let me die. I figure I owe him the same." Of course, Damon is still in love with Elena and not bothering to hide it. "When I deliver my brother back to you, I want you to remember how you felt about me while he was gone."

Devilishly Charming 

While Ric is tying Ray to the tree, Elena douses some ropes with the last of the vervane. "Here Ric," she says, but Damon grabs them - and is promptly burned. "I said Ric." Okay, not the funniest line ever, but it wasn't a "haha" episode. I'm actually starting to think that Damon is losing his humor as the story goes on. Natural, I suppose - it's getting pretty dark.


We get some flashbacks next week - to the 1920s. Also, I suspect that now that Jeremy has been brought back from the dead, it will open the floodgates of ghosts who want to come back.