'Like a Virgin' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.12


Supernatural Episode 6.12
"Like a Virgin"
Written By: Adam Glass
Directed By: Phil Sgriccia
Original Airdate: 4 February 2011

In This Episode...

Young women in Portland have been going missing. One was involved in a terrible crash - but her body was never found. When the boys investigate, the one thing they figure that all the girls have in common is that they are virgins. Dean is confused as to why anyone would be collecting virgins. Sam's research leads to only one conclusion: dragons. Sam stays behind to figure out where the dragon might be holed up, while Dean goes to San Francisco to meet with a professor of dragonology. She tells Dean that the only way to kill a dragon is with a sword forged in dragon blood.

Returning to Sam with a sword from the professor's private collection, Sam has tracked down the dragon to a mile segment of sewer. The boys go exploring, and find a pit filled with a half-dozen virgins. They are being guarded by a pair of "dragons" in human form - the only supernatural thing about them is that their hands get super heated and glowy, and they have some nasty talon-like finger nails. The boys kill one of the dragons; the other escapes. In the lair, they discover an ancient journal they take back to Bobby for translation. It is an archaic Latin (written on pages of human skin), so he can't figure out much - just that it is an instruction manual on opening a door from purgatory and letting a monster in to our universe. Which is exactly what the escaped "dragon" and another cohort do - they feed a virgin into a pit in the woods, and she emerges a glowing "Mother" (the only other word Bobby was able to transcribe) with "much work to do."

Also: Sam recovers from his reversed soulectomy, and is pretty much the same old Sam. Bobby is suspicious; Cas is shocked he survived. Sam has no recollection of the last year, until he tricks Cas into telling him. He begs Dean to fill in the details, but Dean staunchly refuses.

Dig It or Bury It?

I felt like the plot was weak, but the script was good. They never explain why these dragons have human form or how they reemerged after over 700 years of extinction. The virgin thing is pretty obvious, and Mother is obviously going to be a recurring baddie, so I don't need all their backstory, but something would be nice. There was a significant lack of action or bloodshed, too. Sam and Dean's fight against the dragons was weak and short lived. Luckily, watching Dean question a surviving "virgin" about her true chastity, or trying to pull the dragon sword from the stone - and failing miserably - was enough fun to overshadow the lack of action.

Spooky Humor

A few great bits that really stuck out: Bobby, regarding a soulless Sam: "That boy went straight-up Menendez on me not 10 days ago." Dean reading aloud from the missing virgin's diary: "I think I have finally decided to give Stan my most precious gift" - and the ensuing ribbing that Sam gives him. Dean's aforementioned attempt to pull the sword from the stone. Lots and lots of World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings humor scattered throughout.

Sibling Rivalry

Sam is desperate to know what happened to him over the last year, and Dean is desperate to protect him from it. He manages to quash Sammy's curiosity slightly by telling him that remembering could literally kill him.


This was possibly the worst-ever preview: sepia-toned footage done like fake 8mm film. I think Sam returns to a small town that he terrorized while soulless... but I'm not really sure.