We Dissect 'True Blood' Season Five


True Blood season five was a marked improvement over season four, which you all know I hated. This season wasn’t a slam-dunk, though. It was slow going, with the season not picking up until at least halfway through the season.

One of the most disconcerting parts about this season was that there were so many different stories. Many of them resolved early on (such as Terry’s problem with the smoke monster) and others felt like pure filler (like Andy and Holly’s entire relationship). The season picked up steam  when the storylines began to intertwine at the Authority. 

I liked the politicized religious aspect of this season. It felt very topical without being preachy. The idea of vampires as religious zealots is a fascinating one, since traditionally vampires are seen as the antithesis of religion. Bill’s conversion seemed suspiciously easy. After he took the LSD - I mean, Lilith’s blood - it was easy to see how that could change his world view. But before that, he seemed so eager to buy into the Authority’s nonsense. 

This was the first good season finale that True Blood has ever had. Normally, all the good stuff happens in the second-to-last episode, with the finale just setting up the next season. Instead of getting psyched for the next season, it takes the wind out of my sails. But this finale drove the action to the very last minute, leaving a whole lot of questions for season six. Now that Bill has died and been reborn, is he some kind of vampire god? Will Eric and Sookie decide he is a lost cause at this point? Who or what is Warlow? How the hell will Andy care for four babies? He can barely care for himself.

Best death goes to Rosalyn, easily. Sam shifts from within her, blowing her up until she explodes. I defy you to find another television show in which that happens.