We Have Your Sneak Peek at Season Four of 'Fringe'

You know how during the midseason, reporters are always trying to get details on the new season of their wildly popular, but hugely secretive TV show? And we get nothing, and it is frustrating, and annoying. Well, now I find myself in a similar position, for I have seen the first two episodes of Fringe, and I don't know what to say because I feel like anything I say really will spoil it for you. Let me first apologize to any producers who I groused about keeping secrets. There is a good reason for keeping secrets - and it is hard to do!

What can I say... The first episode was, frankly, a little slow. Lincoln Lee joins forces with Fringe division in "our" universe after his partner is killed by a translucent man. The second one was much more engrossing, as it showed how the two universes worked together. The general public still knows nothing about the fractured universes.

Honestly, Peter's disappearance has had very little effect on either side. Red Universe's Broyles is alive and well. Fauxlivia does not have a baby. Walter is agoraphobic and never leaves the lab - he eats, sleeps, and lives there. Olivia and Astrid take care of him, while a guard is posted outside the lab at night. We haven't seen Walternate yet, so I have no idea how Peter's lack of existence has affected him.

But see... then there is more. Little glimmers that make the imagination run wild with all that could be. I don't want to even begin to mention these tiny details because it is just more fun to discover them as you go. It's only a few more days. You can do it.