We Review the 'Dexter' Season 4 Premiere + Photo Gallery


Dexter is back, and better than ever – but his life is more complicated than ever.  Between the never-ending influx of murder cases through Miami PD, a new family, a new baby (named Harrison), and his "night gig," Dex is having a hard time putting the pieces together into a cohesive picture.  His career is in jeopardy when sleep deprivation causes him to bring the wrong file to court, allowing a murderer to walk free.  His vigilante justice is in jeopardy when his kill is interrupted by an urgent call from Rita, requesting medicine for the sick baby.  Dexter's home life is in jeopardy when sleep deprivation causes him to fall asleep behind the wheel, nearly killing himself when he flips his car.

So far, so good.  Episode 1 was a bit on the slow side, but that's to be expected.  The show has to set up how drastically Dexter's life has changed since becoming the "perfect suburban dad," delightfully brought to life in a skewed version of the opening title sequence: the shirt he pulls over his head has a baby stain on it; his shoelace snaps on tightening.  Things are complicated all over.  Deb's relationship with Anton is hot and heavy, but things get confusing when Agent Lundy returns to the case.  And Laguerta and Batista are having a torrid, secret affair.  Quinn gets wrapped up in a relationship with a crime reporter.  John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer is brought in from episode 1.  He has never been so creepy as he was in this episode, slaughtering a woman while bare-ass naked.

Episode 1 lays out the trajectory of the season pretty obviously.  Dexter is juggling too many facets of his life – one of those balls will drop disastrously.  At the same time, he's both in awe and envious of Trinity when Lundy brings him to Dexter's attention as being the longest-active serial killer in history.  Harrison will become Dexter's confessor – at least until he's old enough to talk.  Deb will become entangled in a love triangle.  Batista and Laguerta's relationship will jeopardize their working relationship.  Quinn's relationship with the journalist will cause information to be leaked and put his job on the line.

John Lithgow is a wonderful addition to the show.  He's always a delight to watch on screen, and who couldn't see him as a crazy killer?  (He's played one in at least three films.)  The series looks like it will be predictable, but come on – this is Dexter.  The producers certainly have some goodies up their blood-soaked sleeves.