'Weekend At Bobby's' -- 'Supernatural' Episode 6.4


Supernatural Episode 6.4
“Weekend at Bobby’s”
Written By: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin
Directed by: Jensen Ackles
Original Airdate: 15 October 2010

In This Episode....

We get a “day in the life of Bobby”-type episode, but with a focus on Bobby trying to get his soul back from Crowley.  Apparently Bobby didn’t read the fine print on his soul contract.  It says that Crowley will make his “best effort” to return Bobby’s soul to him.  We see Bobby fielding a dozen different phone lines with a dozen different aliases.  Bobby torturing a demon to get info on Crowley.  Bobby helping Rufus bury a demon body.  Bobby fielding questions from the FBI and sheriff.  Bobby tracking down the not-as-dead-as-previously-thought demon in the neighbor’s house.  Bobby telling off the Winchester boys for being too selfish.

Bobby tortured the demon by burning her human bones, and gets from her Crowley’s real name: Fergus McCloud.  With some research and some help from Rufus, Bobby finds out that Crowley had a son, Gavin.  Luckily Gavin hates his father and is all too happy to spill what he knows to Bobby.  What he knows is the location of Crowley’s bones.  Bobby sends the Winchesters to Scotland, then gets them on speakerphone with Crowley.  The deal: Crowley gives back Bobby’s soul, and the Winchesters don’t burn Crowley’s bones.  Crowley reluctantly agrees and gives Bobby his soul back - and lets him keep his legs.

Dig It or Bury It?

Sadly, my cable was royally screwed up during this episode.  Thank you Time Warner.  The picture was all screwy with digital pops and the audio kept dropping out.  It was even more frustrating because, from what I could see, it was a really good episode.  Kudos to Jensen Ackles for knocking it out of the park on his first try.  The episode was delightfully lighthearted, but got serious when it needed to be.  I can’t wait to watch this episode when I can actually see and hear all of what's going on.

Blood Brothers

Dean has a brief scene where he is pawing through a corpse, looking for evidence of demonic foul play.  My favorite was when Bobby battled the undead demon at the neighbor’s house... fought that bitch right into the wood chipper, shooting rivers of blood all over.

Sibling Rivalry

The Winchester brothers were hardly in this episode.  At the end, after Bobby gets his soul back, Crowley pops up in Scotland to reclaim his bones.  Dean threatens to scorch them anyway, but Sam stops him, insisting they not go back on their deal.

Spooky Humor

The whole thing had lighthearted elements, but, again, my damned cable prevented me from getting the full monty.  I did like that the word of the day was “balls” -- used when something went wrong, of course.


It looks like Dean turns into some kind of demon-vampire-monster-thing.  I also suspect someone at Time Warner will get a very angry phone call....