'Wildfire' - 'The Walking Dead' Episode 1.5


The Walking Dead Episode 1.5
Written By: Glen Mazzara,
Directed By: Ernest Dickerson
Original Airdate: 28 November 2010

In This Episode...

The group is picking up the pieces from last night's zombie invasion. Andrea is mourning Amy deeply. The rest of the camp is worried because they can't pull Andrea away from the corpse long enough to brain her. Andrea stays with her sister until she starts to come back from the dead, then shoots her.

Meanwhile, Jacqui notices blood on Jim's shirt. She panics and the group surrounds him. Sure enough, Jim has been bitten. The debate now is what to do with him. Daryl wants to knock him off right then, but Rick says no - we don't kill the living. Rick wants the survivors to migrate to the CDC in hopes of finding scientists working on a cure. Shane thinks it is a lousy idea, but Lori backs up her husband. Tensions have been building between Rick and Shane. Shane blames Rick for the zombie invasion because it happened while he and the other guys were in the city.

The group takes a vote, and the decision is to head towards the CDC. Staying at the quarry certainly isn't doing much for them. Morales and his family decide not to go - they want to venture to Birmingham to look for family. Everyone piles into the cars available and they caravan towards the CDC.

The caravan makes a pit stop when Jim's fever gets worse. He has the shakes, delusions, and is vomiting. Not wanting to put the burden on anyone else, he requests to be left behind. The group is saddened, but ultimately follow Jim's wishes. The group gets back on the road and make it to the CDC by nightfall. The building is a fortress, with piles of rotting corpses - zombie and human - littered about. Inside is one survivor, Dr. Jenner, who is working on a cure. He is transmitting his findings to... someone, but there is no one responding. He is slowly losing his mind.

Outside, our survivors are panicked. They believe no one is there, they have no supplies and almost no gasoline to go anywhere else. Rick is adamant that someone is in there - the security camera is moving. Jenner is waiting for the group to go away, but as their panic worsens, Jenner relents. He opens up the heavy steel shutters and the group move inside.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a very slow episode. There was a lot of bickering, but little advancement of plot or characters. Honestly, this episode really just felt like a quick way to thin the herd to the characters that will be returning in season two. Blah.

Zombie of the Week

There was only one zombie this week: Amy. Her limbs twitched, her milky eyes floated open, and she reached up for Andrea like she was trying to stroke her hair - but really she was just trying to get at her delicious, delicious brains.

Kill of the Week

That would, again, have to be Amy. Andrea holds her sister close. Strokes her hair. Tells Amy she loves her. And shoots her in the head with a pistol.

Honorable mention goes to Carol, who has the honor of smashing in her abusive, dead husband's head to ensure he is truly dead.


On the season finale, Jenner lets the group in, but on the condition that he can run tests on them. Andrea is sickened - could these tests be turning her? The survivors also discover that the epidemic is worldwide. Apparently the French were the last to fall - who would have guessed that?