'Wouldn't it Be Nice (If We Were Human)' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.4


Being Human Episode 1.4
"Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)"
Written By: Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke
Directed By: Jerry Ciccoritti
Original Airdate: 7 February 2011

In This Episode...

Josh is befriended by another werewolf, Ray. At first, he is hesitant to accept Ray's friendship, but Aidan encourages him. Josh starts to come around when Ray gives him some good tips on how to be prepared for each full moon. With Ray, Josh relaxes, becomes a little more comfortable in his werewolf skin. But as the episode progresses, Ray's anti-vampire sentiments become more insistent and extremist. He tries to convince Josh that, underneath his quiet exterior, Aidan is a monster. Josh doesn't buy it, but by the end of the episode, he joins in with Ray on his back alley vampire beatdown.

Like a train wreck, Sally can't seem to tear herself away from Danny and Bridget's burgeoning relationship. When Bridget and Danny kiss, Sally is so upset that she makes contact with a glass and breaks it, startling the two apart. Bridget "feels" like Sally does not approve of Danny and Bridget as a couple, and pushes him away. Sally begins to feel bad when she sees her two best friends so sad, so with advice from Aidan - and some haunting training from Ray - Sally tells Bridget that it is okay for her to be with Danny.

Aidan and Rebecca are going down a Sid and Nancy path. Aidan tries to keep Rebecca on the bagged stuff, but she is jonesing so bad she talks Aidan into sexy feeding frenzies on one another. They can only keep this pace up for so long and soon they are on the verge of giving in and taking hits of the real thing. Aidan manages to pull himself together and resist temptation, but Rebecca has had less practice, and she disappears into the night.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was the first episode that really felt like it was pulling away from its British counterpart. The story beats are still there - Rebecca going through blood withdrawal and a mooching werewolf moving in - but the US version's own flavor is starting to peek through. For example, Sally plays matchmaker for Danny and Bridget, rather than them just being together.

There was a lot of humor in tonight's episode, but I have to say, the werewolf versus vampire fight near the end was weak. Years of Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have spoiled me for big, insanely choreographed fight scenes. One thing that Being Human does have in common with contemporaries is graphic, steamy, blood-fueled sex scenes. It's almost like vampire porn. I can get behind that!

Also, this episode gets bonus points for a really great cover of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love."

Brits vs. Yanks

The parallel storylines are starting to diverge a bit. Sally brings her fiance and best friend together (Yanks) instead of just finding them that way (Brits). Ray has a multi-episode arc in the American version - complete with a violent streak, while the Brits show Ray the door in one episode, after coming on to Sally.

Jolly Good Fun

When Ray finds Josh after his transformation, he offers him what Aidan and Sally later (and separately) refer to as "douche" clothes: a wife beater and baggy zebra-print bodybuilder pants - the kind with elastic at the ankles.

Aidan explains to Rebecca why feeding on one another is not a long-term solution. "So I am expected to live like an anorexic nun?"


Looks like next week Sally learns the truth behind her death.