'You Can't Handle the Truth' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.6


Supernatural Episode 6.6
“You Can’t Handle the Truth”
Story By: Eric Charmelo, Nicole Snyder, and David Reed
Written By: Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder
Directed By: Rod Hardy
Original Airdate: 29 October 2010

In This Episode...

A small town in Illinois has fallen victim to a number of suspicious suicides in the span of just a week or two.  A waitress starts hearing the vicious truth from her co-workers and family, driving her to kill herself.  A man goes to see his dentist and spills the fact that he fucked his dentist’s daughter.  Dentist goes mad, kills the patient, and then hangs himself in his prison cell a few hours later.  Sam and Dean are investigating, but Dean is highly uncomfortable being in the same room as his brother, and tries to split up from him as much as possible.

Dean is drinking himself stupid at a dive bar when he figures out that there is a curse over the town: if you request the truth, you get it, in the most blunt way possible.  Meanwhile, Sam is investigating the first mysterious death, a “car accident.”  The roommate suspected that her friend did not die in a car accident.  Sam finds a small box beneath the girl’s bed, containing all sorts of occult-ish things, including a cat skull.  Dean meets Sam, and begs the truth from him.  Sam swears he did not leave the vampire to feed on him; that he just froze.  Satisfied that Sam cannot tell the truth, Dean relaxes, and the two start researching spells with cat skulls.

They come across the goddess Veritas, an attention whore who loves cats and forces people to tell the truth in the worst way.  Corey, the “car crash” victim, summoned Veritas to find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her, and was not able to contain the evil she called forth.  Dean and Sam figure that the 21st century version of an attention whore is a TV tabloid journalist.  They track down the only one in town, and snoop around her house.  She finds them in her abattoir, where she has been feasting on the bodies of those who killed themselves in her name.  Veritas forces the truth out of Dean: he was terrified of Sam, but felt better after their little chat; he thought he wanted a family, but he is a hunter not a father.  Veritas goes to Sam next, and all he says is that he and Dean are back together; that is what matters.  Veritas flips out.  That is not the truth - you aren’t human!  Sam had been working at his restraints with a knife this whole time.  He breaks free and tosses the knife to Dean while he wrestles Veritas.  Dean frees himself, and each of them stab her with daggers soaked in dog’s blood.

Veritas is dead for mere seconds before Dean is holding a knife to Sam’s throat, desperate for the truth.  Sam finally admits he doesn’t know what is wrong with him, but he has never been a better hunter.  He did let Dean get vampirized because he knew there was a cure.  He just can’t feel anything.  Dean softens a bit, considers... then punches Sam in the face until he is unconscious.

Dig It or Bury It?

This season has really been outstanding.  Tonight’s episode did not disappoint.  It was a good mix of humor, gore, and weird mojo.  It continued this whole “what the hell is wrong with Sam” storyline without being obnoxious.  It just felt natural.

Sibling Rivalry

Sibilings wrestle; very few pummel their brothers until they are knocked unconscious and their face is a bloody, mushy mess.  That goes a little bit beyond “rivalry.”

Blood Brothers

The waitress who killed herself during the show’s cold open shot herself in the head, blood exploding over the wall behind her.  Then the dentist takes his scary torture-drill thing and drills his pedophiliac patient to death, apparently taking it up through the roof of his mouth into the brain.  That is not going to help my dentist phobia. 

Spooky Humor

After Dean figures out the truth curse, he calls Bobby for info, and hilarity ensues as Bobby reveals some very un-Bobby secrets.  He watches cheesy reality TV, enjoys the occasional pedicure, and was about to reveal a secret about his first girlfriend that Dean just cannot handle.  “Nonononono,” Dean cries with a shudder.  “I’m scarred for life.”

Honorable mention goes to Sam who called the deviant dentist Dr. Giggles, a reference to the eponymous early 1990s movie about a son who seeks revenge on a town that institutionalized his insane, mass-murdering MD father.


As if this one really needed to be spelled out, Cas reaches into Sam’s chest and does a soul check.  Nope, not there.