'You're the One That I Haunt' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.12


Being Human Episode 1.12

"You're the One That I Haunt"

Written By: Nancy Won

Directed By: Erik Canuel

Original Airdate: 4 April 2011

In This Episode...

Since last week's failed exorcism, Sally is looking pretty scary.  She doesn't speak, her eyes are pure white, and veins are painfully visible through her skin.  She feels angry.  She pays Danny a visit and makes him cut his throat while shaving.  This refreshes her, bringing her back to her old Sally self, but it has given her bloodlust.  After getting stitched up at the hospital, Danny pops by the house with a can of gasoline.  He is furious and yells out, "You can't haunt our house if there is no house to haunt!"  He throws the gas around and sets it alight.  If she is going to burn, he is going to go down with her.  She locks the door, and Danny realizes he didn't think this through.  Aidan and Josh come home from work, and divvy up the tasks: Josh puts out the fire, while Aidan throws Danny against the wall and beats him mercilessly.  "We can see her because we are like her," Josh reveals to Danny.  Aidan vamps out and is ready to strike at Sally's command.  Josh convinces her she is not a killer.  Instead, she appears to Danny and tells him she will not kill him - but he will wish he was dead.  When the police and fire department come, Danny admits that he started the fire and that he killed his fiance.  The cops seem ready to lock him up until he starts babbling about vampires and ghosts, thus guaranteeing him a cozy padded room.

Aidan, still grieving from the death of Rebecca, is surprised to see an old flame, Celine, show up at the hospital.  She is suffering through her second bout of lung cancer, and has decided to merely manage the pain.  Aidan offers to turn her, but she declines - she has lived her life and made her peace with it. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that in the 1970s, the two were madly in love.  She knew what he was, and wanted to be turned.  He did not want that life for her.  Bishop turns up to drag Aidan back into the flock.  Aidan refuses and tells Celine that the two must flee Montreal.  Celine has a hard time with this decision.  Aidan tells her to stay inside, think about it, and he will be back to collect her in a few hours.  She is gone when he returns.  Though he asks her about it now, Celine begs off with vague answers.  In reality, she had left the house and been snatched by Bishop.  Bishop kidnapped her, fed off her, scared her into silence, and kept her until it was far too late to meet up with Aidan.  She offers herself up to him if he spares her family, but Bishop says that having her under his control was more fun.

Nora has not yet decided to keep the baby, but is going in for an ultrasound.  Her hormone levels are off the charts, which could signify twins or triplets, or birth defects.  Naturally, Josh now believes she is carrying a mutated litter of werewolves, even when Aidan tells him werewolves are made, not born.  But at the ultrasound, the baby looks strong and healthy.  The hormone discrepancy?  The baby is at 14 weeks gestation, not seven like Nora told the doc.

The episode ends with a bang.  As our trio toasts to conquering love, Sally's door appears.  Before she can go through it, Bishop breaks through the window, stakes Aidan, and runs off with bubbling blisters all over him.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode came to an intense culmination.  Sally's story was the strongest this week, and she is the only one who truly found closure.  Aidan's flashback was, frankly, kind of lame.  It dominated the episode, yet ultimately went nowhere, other than to show off Aidan's creepy 1970s porno hair.  Thank goodness he didn't have a mustache or I may have passed out laughing.  The only possible purpose of the Celine story was to explain the "Celine" tattoo he has on his chest, a story point that I believe was brought up once in passing early on in the series.  Something so inconsequential that I have obviously forgotten about it. 

Jolly Good Fun

Josh had a couple great lines this week, but the best was something that we got a taste of in the teaser.  At the top of the episode, Josh sees Sally - in evil ghost state - float by and freaks a little.  "She looks like The Grudge," he tells Aidan.  When Aidan tries to calm him down, Josh interrupts: "If we videotaped her right now and showed it to someone, they'd be dead in three days."  Yes, I know that it should be seven days in order to properly reference The Ring, but you get the gist.

Myths Revamped

While not really a revamped myth, I had some issues with the ending.  Why was Bishop covered in boils?  The only thing I can think of is that Bishop had never been invited into the house, and that was his punishment for breaking in.  Of course, that would be a myth revamped in and of itself because traditional lore has it that an invisible force field of sorts will prevent the vampire from entering.


The season finale is next week.  Obviously Aidan is not going to die and Sally is not going to walk through that door - the show was picked up for a second season.  I have to assume that Josh is going to have to tell Nora about his "condition" soon, because at the rate that fetus is growing, it will gnaw its way out of her in four months.