Japan's Suicide Forest
100's have taken there lives in these woods
Top 10 Body Horror Films
11/07/2011 - 3:41am
Dexter has to put aside his Travis surveillance when Deb tells him that Brother Sam has been shot. The working theory is that it is revenge for Julio's death, perpetrated by Julio's second-in-command, Leo. The cops surround his house and a shoot-out ensues that leaves Leo dead.
11/06/2011 - 7:33pm

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record takes a bold,

11/06/2011 - 7:26pm

Infamous: Festival of Blood (guess developer Suck

11/05/2011 - 5:09pm
Dean heads to Lily Dale, NY after he hears a news report about two psychics getting killed. When he pulls in to town, he discovers it is a town full of psychics.
11/05/2011 - 5:01pm
A young couple, Gilda and Rocky, break into a mansion in the woods. They eat fancy cheese, drink expensive wine, wear furs and diamonds, and have sex in the beds. The homeowners come home. Gilda makes it out the window, but Rocky isn't so lucky.
by Anonymous
11/04/2011 - 7:12pm

Vacation  by  Matthew  Costello

11/04/2011 - 4:41am
Gather around friends. I would like to tell you a story (technically, this is Rebecca's story, as told to Elena). A story about the original vampires. Where they came from, how they can be killed, and who Michael is.
11/04/2011 - 2:09am

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